Sunday 12 November 2017

VENETIAN PARTY -part 10, crafts and purchases

Here are some progress pictures on the crafts, and some purchases from earlier in the year for the party, sorry if any are repeated from previous posts, I'm losing track!

Progress on the faux flower chandeliers, the tealight holders arrived to stick on the bike wheels. One went missing, en route, leaving me with only 19 so the eBay seller sent another which also went missing en route, but was located. Yay tracking! So I have 5 tealight holders for each of the four flower chandeliers. Cost of 20 tea light holders was $17 au. We will put small battery candles in them. Florist wire also came in that shipment to wire the flowers on. Here's me trimming the flowers, the pile is bigger than shown.

I'm going to add cream and black faux flowers. 

Tea light holders (sellers photo), for the flower chandeliers, I will add some gold paint lightly to the yellow:

Some purchases for the party earlier this year, some we travelled a long way to pick up, brass wall cherub vase:

Dolphins because Venice is at the sea:

Due to my fear of the air conditioning not working that month, I got a quantity of lace fans in pink and also black for the tables:

The vintage mantlepiece clock for the party has a statue made in Italy, and the clock was made in Germany. Acerules can use it in her adult house in a few years. The oval box is also for the party but Ace can use it for her jewellery afterward, the other things behind them are always in our house. 

Also for the party and then Acerule's house one day:

I'm going to paint the frame of this cherub print gold for the party, and maybe add embellishments. It was very cheap with a candelabra we bought. Is quite large. Seller's photo: 

An embroidered choker from Lovisa I will wear to the party:

Vintage satin prints for the venue walls including one of Venice, and cameos for guest's costumes:

A beautifully framed oil painting that will someday grace Acerule's adult house after the party, seller's photo:

Plates for the main meal:

A huge framed tapestry depicting overlooking the sea to Venice that was only $30 au on eBay. We did a lot of travel to pick it up though. Photo taken by the seller:

Baroque mirror and shelf set purchased through eBay which was another pick up long distance earlier this year.

I made feather bunches for the small table flower arrangements, that I am going to ask the teens to arrange , along with the centrepiece compotes of fruit:

Cutting the florist wire:

The shirt for hubby's costume, the collar will be open:

Just some of the faux petals for the party, and underneath how they come flat packed, it's a tedious job unpeeling them. Medium pink and gold ones are on their way. I was wondering what to do with them afterward, so as not to send them to landfill. A few ideas thrown up were chook and duck bedding, kitty litter, and the the librarian suggested giving them to the early learning centre (preschool) for crafts. That idea appeals. I think there will be plenty for all the schools! 

I don't want them on the dance floor in case of causing slips, will be in the carpeted areas:

Tonight at the SES shed I was making a faux leadlight window for the venue. There are mistakes but hopefully no one will notice. The roll of cellophane was only $2.00 au at Kmart. I have another one to make later. 

So, I'm working on the party a little bit each day, will keep you all apprised! Keep tuning in!


KEthical Politics said...

You have so much ingenuity....I love the flowers. I cant wait to see the chandeliers. Maybe someone will buy them for a wedding afterwards. It will make it look very Venice balcony..
What will you do when all is said and done? Go on a great vacation!!! And rest!

rina said...

This is going to be the prettiest party in that whole great continent you live on. You're amazing.

Running on empty said...

Thanks folks. KE there won't be any money for a long while after this, I will concentrate more on getting my novels out. Certainly will start saving for a modest family holiday. I just pray for no disasters...

Rina, although I did compromise and there will be some spooky features, like spider webbing and a couple of gold and silver skulls, and the colour black, I think pretty is appropriate for a sweet sixteen party.