Wednesday 5 September 2018

COCKINGTON GREEN- Part 4 , in Canberra

Part 4. The International section. 


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There’s nothing small about the combined star power in this:

Luciano Pavarotti - We Are The World

Back in July, on our Canberra, Australia trip, we took two buses to visit Cockington Green. This is situated in one of the outer suburbs of Canberra. 

I recommend you go to this tourist attraction. It was so gratifying to see both my family members showing such childlike delight and joy while noticing all the details. It is extremely well done and you don’t need to take anything, unless the weather is showery, then take rain gear. We had a perfect, sunny day in mid Winter, and it doesn’t usually snow there. There are alot of photos, so I’ve broken this post up into parts.

All photos are copyright Runningonempty.

Many of these constructions below are very valuable. There are few artisans in the world that make them authentically  to the original anymore and it’s very time consuming. I like that the international community in Australia have sponsored many of the displays. Keeping in mind that their embassies etc are often located in Canberra, that is quite special. 

Miniature of scene in Norway:

Ukraine -3000 hours to construct! :


South Australia:

Bendigo, Victoria, Australia:

NSW, Australia:

The railways and water features are throughout the site, and make a great contribution. There is even a bigger railway that takes children for rides, but this one is miniature - England:

New Zealand:

I did not record what ruins these are at the time, as I was trying to keep up with my family. However, I think it’s the temple of Baal, or Bel, in Palmyra, Syria, blown up by ISIS in 2015. I did a bit of sleuthing online, starting with the flag. I do remember thinking, when I was looking at the model, that the original had been blown up, and how good it is that a replica is here:

ISIS Blows Up Another Ancient Monument In Palmyra, The 'Arch of Triumph'

Please comment, and return for Part 5 to see more amazing displays. 

All photos are copyright Runningonempty, we do not own copyright of the artworks depicted. 


Rina said...

What an extraordinary and lovely place. I don't know how I'd tear myself away. Nice to see Groot Constantia (S African here) -- it's such a beautiful building. Thank you for sharing the magic.

Running on empty said...

Yes, plenty to see in Australia!

Jeanie said...

Very impressive, Cath. I ca't imagine the thousands of hours of both planning and construction that went into this!