Monday 8 October 2018


Melania Trump Wears Pith Helmet

Recently, on tour in Africa, Melania Trump revealed herself to be a secret fish slapper. Bemused Africans politely nodded, as she described what to do, what fish to use - “Bass be best”, and how not to be the one that falls into the water.

Very important to read the comments after watching this clip. 

Mr Palin on the sport of Fish Slapping.


Tristan Zahringer

“I put this as my second favorite fish related sport. Right behind swordfish fencing”

 Stephen Foulard cautioned:

“The first rule of Fish Club is... you don't talk about Fish Club.”


Running on empty said...

Ah, she is just the gift that keeps giving.

Badger said...

An old slapper, which one with the big ass or the silky smooth one

Running on empty said...

Big bass, Billy bass:

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

She does have a knack for creating controversy with her public attire choices.

Running on empty said...

Welcome Amy, hope you visit often. Yes, I guess she is restricted in what she can speak about, so she’s saying something with her clothes. Apart from “I’m rich”, I’m not sure what that is.