Monday 16 October 2017


Please dear readers, I entreat your heartfelt prayers again. Hurricane Ophelia is heading straight across Ireland, the home of our dear blog reader and writer, Badger. Please can you pray for the Irish, and especially for Badger,  his wife and dog, that they come through this terrible storm safely with minimal or no damage. Unfortunately he's going to get the brunt of it, I just heard back from him, here is an excerpt

"We have been tracking the storm and it is supposed to be at its height in this area at about 3:00pm this afternoon and we are right in the middle of the strongest winds,, estimation is between 130 -160 kph.
But it's like the children's story where the wolf tries to blow the piggies house down, this house was built by a English Cockney, it's going nowhere, I hope. "

Badger built his house himself, it was a labour of love.

Badger's dog


Running on empty said...

Good updates

KEthical Politics said...

i hope he makes it safely through the storm....

Running on empty said...

Two dead so far. :(:(

Profound Familiarity said...

May Badger and his family sleep untroubled and the storm pass them by.

Running on empty said...

Have heard back, Badger is safe! Hopefully he will post an update here.

Badger said...

Hi everybody,,, yes I am still here and safe,,, I am really touched by all your words of concern and prayers ,, thank you so much.
Yes, LADMA, you are right this is the first, and officially the worst storm Ireland has had since records began,, some parts of the country had it worse then others, we have major flooding, roofs ripped off houses and farm buildings, hundreds of trees down, and close to 300,000 people without electric, a stadium roof collapsed but thankfully there was no game on so it was empty.
Thankfully only 3 people were killed, and my heart go's out to their family's,  one young lady had a tree come through the windscreen of her car, a man had a tree fall on his car, and another man got killed using a chainsaw to clear a fallen tree.
There were a few injuries, but as we had prepared, the damage was limited.
We are lucky, although the storm was severe, we were in the centre of the whole thing and we did not suffer much damage, it was the areas on the edge of the storm where the wind was swirling in on itself that was hit hardest, so we got the front edge in mid afternoon and the tail end at 11:00 last night,,  so thank God we suffered no damage at all.
Obviously more details will come out today so here's praying for  everybody.
There are so many more harrowing stories in the news and a greater loss of life, so it seems we were lucky in this act of nature.
Bless you all,,,,,,,, Badger.

Profound Familiarity said...

Cheers Badger.

Running on empty said...

Thanks, Badger, for the update. Glad you are safe.

Jane said...

Glad you're safe Badger! Happy to hear you escaped damage.
Nice to see you online too.