Wednesday 20 December 2017


This is part 12 of the series I'm writing in the lead up to our daughter's sweet 16 Venetian Masquerade baroque ball early next year. Please read the other 11 parts. 

Well, we have had a change in venue, to a hall, and now I have to cook for the party, no caterers. Hubby is a qualified cook, (working currently in a different industry) but I need him to do security as he is big. I will be in the kitchen most of the time, so I cancelled my elaborate costume as lady of the palazzo, thereby saving money. Now my character is a housekeeper, I guess. I’m glad the theme is Italian, as I can do that cuisine. The good news is it will be much cheaper, especially as I can provide soft drinks from the supermarket much more cheaply, but alot of work for me after setting up while hubby and Acerules are at work and school. Then the garage sale is at the same venue next day to sell most of the props that were purchased. By the time I get home I will be exhausted, please say a prayer for me, as I don’t have very good health. The things we do for love, eh. Acerules is worth it, she’s such a nice , good girl. 

Before the party I have to remember to advertise the garage sale. That might mean walking a letterbox drop, and a newspaper ad. 

Thousand Foot Krutch - Welcome to the Masquerade

“I'm not afraid
I'm not ashamed
I'm not to blame
Welcome to the masquerade
I'm not ashamed
I'm not afraid
I'm not okay
Welcome to the masquerade
Welcome to the masquerade”.

Excerpt from Welcome to the masquerade by Thousand foot Krutch

Dean Martin - That’s AmorĂ©

A friend from overseas blew us away by sending these masks below as a Christmas present, for the party, so kind and generous. They are much more beautiful in reality, and we gasped as we lifted them out of the box. Acerules was very excited trying them on. They all have tags saying made in Italy, or made in Venice, some have official looking seals. There are music notes on the big one, under the eyes. I guess maybe a couple will hang on the wall at the party and a couple we will wear, but carefully, not when we are eating anything, especially pasta! Acerules wants to keep some afterward for her adult house.

Copyright runningonempty

Two masks that I bought from Ebay earlier:

Copyright runningonempty

I kept telling her to smile, hahaha:


KEthical Politics said... the mask on is amazing how it fits. I hope,all,works out well for your party...

Fizzfan said...

Loved the Welcome To The Masquerade video.........Could be called Welcome To Adulthood?!

Lovely photos and masks :)