Tuesday 12 December 2017



In honour of our readers from all over the world, here are some Christmas songs from most of those countries, and a couple more. We love having you here. We have nearly 12,000 hits on the blog since last Christmas when we started. Thankyou!

Note, if there is anything untoward in the languages I do not understand, I am unable to know. 

This unusual but beautiful song from Russia, written from Mother Mary’s point of view has English language lyrics if you click on the title under the video:

Kristina Meganck: "Adoração dos Pastores", Portuguese Christmas Song :


Portuguese Christmas cake

Latin America

You can’t get more American than Jazz and White Christmas, a very smooth arrangement:


Christmas in Finland


Mazowsze - 1992 - Kolęda Bóg się rodzi - PDTV (Mazovia - 1992 - Christmas carols are born - PDTV) :


A Polish Nativity play.

Creative Commons - Himmeli Weinachten Strohstern

African Children’s Choir -Do you hear what I hear?

Korean Pop (k-pop) Lonely Christmas:


Boney M. was a German vocal group created by “ German record producer Frank Farian. Originally based in West Germany the four original members of the group's official line-up were Liz Mitchell and Marcia Barrett from Jamaica, Maisie Williams from Montserrat and Bobby Farrell from  Aruba. “ -Wikipedia . The film clip was set in Russia at a time when very few Westerners saw the country. The song reached no. 1 on the UK charts in 1978. 

Mary's Boy Child / Oh My Lord - Boney M :


Christmas in Vietnam by Helen’s recipes


Little Drummer Boy (African Tribal Version) - Alex Boye' ft. Genesis Choir :


A Rawandan Christmas:

link to Rawandan Christmas

Friar Alessandro - Adeste Fideles (O Come all Ye Faithful) the video is set in Bethlehem: 


Indonesian traditional band performing Christmas and New Year songs in Singapore:


Oh Holy Night in the original French and English, performed in Vienna by a pair of Italians:


In Spain: Gloria in excelsis Deo


For the deaf, and anyone, 

Silent Monks Sing the Hallelujah Chorus


Public domain

Stille Nacht (silent night) from Germany:


Sung in Thai and English , คริสต์มาสเป็นเวลา - Christmas is a Time to Love cover by Jannine Weigel (พลอยชมพู) :


Kings College Cambridge, England - The Holly and the Ivy:


Belly dancing from Canada! :


French traditional carol

Champs Élysées Paris in December by Andreas Saebjoernsen

The Bell song from Ukraine:


Americans Dolly Parton and gospel singers belt out Go Tell it on the Mountain:


Joyful Christmas song from India:


Joy to the World from Ireland:


Moscow Ballet- Russian Dance from The Nutcracker, a ballet traditionally performed at Christmas:


John Lennon and Yoko Ono - “Merry Christmas/War is over”, from Britain and Japan:

Christmas in Tokyo:

Public Domain by Kure.

Australian language carol (you might have to look up some of the words! )

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Rina said...

What an extraordinary labour of love! And I do mean labour -- this was a lot of work. Such a great gift to us. A brilliant selection. I'll be listening bit by bit over the season. Thank you, and a merry and blessed Christmas to you and everyone. To those who don't celebrate Christmas, peace and happiness over the season.

Running on empty said...

Thankyou, Rina, and a blessed Christmas to you too!

Badger said...

Well,well, well,,, Bless your cotton socks,,, good on yer Sheila,,, that is the best Christmas present I have had in years, music, your hard work and the thought behind it is more precious then you will ever know,, thank you from the bottom of my heart. May you and your family find peace and love in your soul and have a beautiful Christmas and new year, the nostalgia, love, pride, friendship, grace, happiness and sadness are all there, pray for those less fortunate then ourselves and think of them and bless everybody,, merry Christmas to you all.



KEthical Politics said...

Such a nice blog.....I will listen to each song while making dinner. Thank you....Merry Christmas to all.

Pam Richardson said...

Cath, music is the international language! White Christmas is always beloved,..I can’t imagine a world without music!

Running on empty said...

Yes, Pam, Bing’s version of White Christmas gets played every year here! Mind you, it ain’t white here! I believe Christmas Day this year (2018 ) will be mild with showers. I hope they clear before lunch so we can eat outside.