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Definition of chickenhawk , (come back again! ) -

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 This week there was consternation in US and in parts of the world when American President Donald Trump hired as National Security Advisor, Mr John Bolton, who is accused of being in favour of war, bigger war, my war’s bigger than your war, five wars are better than four wars, or more , more, gimme more war. 

Original photo before manipulation by Michael Vadon. John R Bolton at CPAC 2017 

However he has never fought in a war. He reportedly admitted to enrolling in the stay at home National Guard to beat the draft, in 1969 during the Vietnam War because, as he said, he did not want to die in a rice paddy. His new employer, Donald Trump , is accused by his opponents of dodging the draft, by producing certificates of “bone spurs” . He has also shown a willingness to start a war.

I sincerely hope these allegations of warmongering, are just over simplistic summaries. Mr John Bolton is said to be a Lutheran, so I researched what Martin Luther (of the Reformation, not M. L-King, ) thought of war. 

"What the proverb says is true: 'War is pleasant to those who have not experienced it.' For young folk--who still have young, hot blood--consider nothing finer than the glory and the victory of war, by which they can shine. These carnal inclinations are easily extinguished later on, when such folk have experienced their own and their relatives' calamity. But before these calamities strike, the world is ignorant of the blessings of peace, and war truly is pleasant to those who have never experienced it. Histories show this. In them seditious people often denounce peace. Since men usually become sluggish and coward in times of quiet, they desire war as a sowing for glory and an opportunity for showing their courage." Martin Luther

From my own experience working with war widows , ex- prisoners of war, and war veterans, I never met one of the latter two, that thought war was good. They were all against it. 

I started laughing as soon as I saw this article (link below) this morning  in one of my in-boxes:

This group like to take off rap music, so their language is bad. However, this is still pretty funny. 

“Fighting is soon begun, but to stop fighting whenever we please does not lie in our power." - Martin Luther

The text in this link is relevant, but not the video on the article

Martin Luther quotes about War

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