Thursday 22 March 2018


“ She flays as if drowning,

But surfaces again,
And knows she must go on,
Till they meet again.


Her child left home,
Never to return.
The loving arms are empty,
And longingly they burn.”

Excerpt from “Angel Mom”

by Lesley Couzens.

March 24 th /25 th 2018 are the dates of worldwide marches/civil protests , in favour of reducing gun violence. They are being organised with survivors of the Parkdale, U.S. school massacre.  You can find your nearest protest site below, if it’s not there, you can organise a rally yourself through the official website, donate, or sign their petition. 

"The policy makers in this country must work together. And I don't care if you're a Republican or a Democrat. These are children's lives. That's the end of the line. And if you want to have mental health reform, you support that. If you want to have universal background checks, you support that. Why not do both? Politicians compromise and we can get this done. It just a matter of overcoming our political barriers in order to save children's lives, and in that way, our future too.” - David Hogg, school massacre survivor /student.

* Melbourne Australia (one of two):

On March 24, we will be rallying at the US Consulate General Offices - Melbourne, Australia - in solidarity with the kids and families of March For Our Lives who will be taking to the streets of Washington DC to demand that their lives and safety be made a priority and that we end gun violence and mass shootings in American schools. Rally with us in Melbourne so collective and global voices of the March For Our Lives movement will be heard. Calling all ex-pats, abroad students, and concerned allies alike.”
-Marchfor our lives, Melbourne organisers.

* Canberra, Australia:

* Sydney, Australia:

Join us as we show our support for and stand in solidarity with American students, families, and teachers in their courageous attempt to end senseless gun violence in America.” - Sydney organisers

* Brisbane, Australia:


* Brazil:

* Germany (one of them, there are more):

A stationary demonstration, initiated by AVA (American Voices Abroad) to support the students, their teachers and parents in the US in their efforts to introduce weapon regulations that will prevent any further horrific loss of lives.”  - AVA.

* France (one of them, there are more):

* Mumbai , India:

In wake of the most recent mass school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the young people and families of Mumbai will join thousands of students in the U.S. taking to the streets to demand the end of the terrible epidemics of school shootings and gun violence!”
- March for our lives ( India.)

* England, (one of them, there are more):

* Ireland (one of them):

* Canada (one of them):

On March 24th, we will rally together in solidarity with the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas and the U.S.A., as neighbours and friends. We will demand that their lives and safety become a priority, and that gun violence and mass shootings come to an end through meaningful legislation. Stand with Us, and show the survivors that that they are not alone in this fight.” - march for our lives Canada organisers.

* Hong Kong:

On Sunday March 25, we will gather for a peaceful procession in solidarity with the March for Our Lives movement in Washington D.C. We walk in support of ending gun violence and mass shootings. Children deserve to live and learn in peace. Bring your family and friends and make your voice heard. You don't have to be American to walk with us. This event is open to peace-loving people of all nationalities. The route is stroller friendly, so don't be intimidated if you have little ones. Come and join us and let your voice be heard.” - March for our lives Hong Kong organisers.

* America has way too many to list, hundreds. It appears that nowhere is too far to travel to access a march on 24 th March, there. The sheer number of locations, shows this is a very popular cause. 
(Among my American friends and acquaintances,  people have widely differing views on gun control and how to reduce gun violence.)

I think there will be large counter protests too. If you go to the march, keep away from the opposition, and obey law enforcement.

* For all march locations
in those and other countries, go to

There seem to be none (officially) in predominantly Muslim countries, or nations of the  former Soviet state. Correct me if my eyes have got it wrong. None in Antarctica, they had theirs last week :

To support a walkout of schools in USA in April, petition link:

Starry Wisdom- 
“My generation of adults has failed to protect yours from gun violence. The least I can do is to support your efforts to protect yourselves!”
-Change. Org

Natalie Bushey-
“Guns are apart of our history from the start of our country. It helped us gain freedom. So because of this I think we should keep guns. I just want more restrictions on how you get them and to keep ones we don't necessarily need or are more threatening away from the people. 
I have 2 younger siblings. I don't think they should have to risk their safety for an education that our government has said is our right to. Our government even has made it a law that children must get an education. This leaves us with home schooling or going to a regular school. 
I also want to mention that public schools are government property. This mean that children are dying on government property. Yet all the government doesn't is sends it's condolences and say we need change. But where is it. 
I don't know everything about our government. But I also don't think I need to know all about to be able to recognize we need change.”
-Change. Org comment.


Running on empty said...

A fair wrap up of some of the marches in the US on Sat March 24 th 2017

Note, those threads get combative and are sometimes deleted. If it’s gone, try Googling March for our Lives news articles. The Washington gun control march was huge. Hundreds of thousands of kids and their supporters turned out, many with placards.

I was planning on going to the Melbourne one as Press to take photos, with Acerules, but had bad health. A shame, as I think the day was historic. The Sydney one was covered by the online press.

Those who think Aussies don’t need to worry about gun control anymore, should be aware that elements in the ruling party here, and some smaller parties and the gun lobby, want our laws relaxed, and there are moves afoot to achieve that now. The scarey thing here, is that much legislation is passed sneakily here in the middle of the night, when opponents aren’t present.

Acerules talked to me yesterday, about the big windows in the walls between her classrooms and the corridors, and that there is nowhere to hide. So we will definitely be opposing any legalisation of automatic weapons for civilians in Australia, especially as our mental health system is as bad as America’s.

Running on empty said...

Haha, correction, 2018.