Friday 17 August 2018


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I Say a Little Prayer-Aretha Franklin

“The moment I wake up

Before I put on my makeup

I say a little prayer for you.

While combing my hair now

And wondering what dress to wear now

I say a little prayer for you.

Forever and ever, you'll stay in my heart

And I will love you”

Today the world lost a superlative talent. 

Rest In Peace Aretha Franklin.

Who should we pray for? The ones we love, sure, that’s easy. Strangers that need help? Yes, certainly keep them in our prayers. Can we pray for people we consider our enemies too? 

Hmm. That’s harder. I admit I have wrestled with that one.

Sure we can. Try one today, one tomorrow, it will help to take a load off our collective shoulders and put it at God’s feet. Let Him deal. 

NO hate. Sure, you can hate a situation, a crime and/or a sin. Just don’t hate people. You can want justice , without hating people. Yes, I get angry, and I am definitely no saint. But I can’t be forced to hate somebody.

In today’s newspapers here, on the front pages, two politicians in Australia were shown hugging in the centre of our Parliament. They are Members of Parliament, members of opposing political parties. One is Muslim, one is Jewish, and they are friends. 


World, that is how you do it. Are you listening World?

NO hate. 

See how it happened below:

why two opposing parties hugged

What the Bible says about it:

link to bible quote


rina said...

Bravo Australia.

Jeanie said...

Oh, if only our leader would behave that way.

Missing Aretha already.

Running on empty said...

Australia has a long way to go, but there’s basically decency if we can fight to preserve it.

Pam Richardson said...

Thanks for sharing, Cath! There is enough hate in our world.

Running on empty said...

Yes indeed, Pam, and we need to speak up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cath, She died on same day as ELvis Presley! I'll miss her. Love xo, NA

Running on empty said...

Hi, NA, I think the world will miss her, a great talent.