Tuesday 28 August 2018

COCKINGTON GREEN part 2 in Canberra

Part 2

Back in July, on our Canberra, Australia trip, we took two buses to visit Cockington Green. This is situated in one of the outer suburbs of Canberra. 
I recommend you go to this tourist attraction. It was so gratifying to see both my family members showing such childlike delight and joy while noticing all the details. It is extremely well done and you don’t need to take anything, unless the weather is showery, then take rain gear. We had a perfect, sunny day in mid Winter, and it doesn’t usually snow there. There are alot of photos, so I’ve broken this post up into parts.
All photos are copyright Runningonempty.


As you go around, you start to notice unusual things, like this Dr Who landing:

See any unusual characters in the stands?

There is a great deal of ongoing maintenance involved in the garden, eg most of the lawns are real! Preparing to mow the lawn:

Acerules with my hubby:

Please come back for part 3!

All photos copyright Runningonempty. We do not own copyright to any art photographed.


Jeanie said...

Oh Cath, your photos are fabulous! I think I would LOVE to visit this remarkable site. A lot of work went into that one!

Running on empty said...

Yes, indeed, the whole site is one big work of art. Definitely a lovely day out for all ages and abilities. I will post visiting information, links etc in the last part of this series.

Unknown said...

Streaker on the pitch is a nice touch!

Pam Richardson said...

Cath, if I ever get to Australia, this is a must see. Hubby and daughter were enjoying, and yes even a soccer field!

Jeanie said...

These are terrific pix. I love the contrast of the big people with the mini ones!

Anonymous said...

Oh my this was so lovely to read, although the photos were throwing me off with the contrast of people and the miniature scale of everything around them :) This is definitely a must see if we make it there in the next few years!

Running on empty said...

It made me laugh, Ben, a bit of your sporting history there.

Pam, I hope you do come to Australia!

Jeanie, it gets a bit disconcerting in the photos sometimes!

I can definitely recommend it, Angie. I am so happy that you all visited and commented. Part 5 is going up soon.

Calypso In The Country said...

These are just so cute! I can definitely see why this is a must-see attraction!