Wednesday 28 November 2018


US Navy band:

Sigh. It appears the Russian Navy and a Ukrainian tug boat have collided in the Black Sea, causing an international incident. The US now have their military vessels parked around the corner, as they’re not allowed in the Black Sea. I guess that won’t stop them if a battle erupts. 

Look guys, all of you. Can you just refrain from starting a war? Get more women in your presidencies. Women know December is busy enough already.

A woman’s Christmas To Do list goes something like this:


*Christmas parties, damn, I need pantyhose with those cracked heels!

*end of year ballet concert, buy bobby pins and hair nets. How does she get those pink tights black? Buy tights.

*choir practice, 

*buy presents for the kid’s teachers and their friends, 

*the Nativity play, make angel wings, where’s the glue?

*find and wrap presents for the family. Huh? Aunty Dot wants wot?

*go to Carols by Candlelight concert,

*decorate the house, why won’t those twinkle lights work, they were in storage!

*shop for food,

*go to church, heck, I need coins for the collection plate! Can I give them a fifty? Hubby says Nooooo. Go shopping and break the note. Late to church again!

*plan and execute the perfect Christmas meal, 

*help out at a homeless charity,

* host visitors, what do vegans eat?

*get those photos for Grandma.

*Don’t start a war. Ain’t nobody got time for dat.

There’s no way a woman would start a war, much less at Christmas! Mind you, there was Helen of Troy, and she was in that vicinity, in the Dardanelles. They didn’t have Christmas back then.

C’mon boys. Have a drink together and be mates. Maybe President Trump will give you some of that Maralago chocolate cake that won the Chinese President over (for a little while). Come to think of it, Trump should send his troops home for Christmas from the Mexican border, too.

“Peace on earth, goodwill to men.”



Badger said...

And AMEN to that

Running on empty said...

Thanks, Badger!

Pam Richardson said...

Funny stuff, Cath! But, we know that wars will continue because we live in a fallen world. There will never be peace on earth when there is no peace in the heart.

Running on empty said...

Ah, the world should be run by mothers, Pam, we would get them all out of bed on time, and with clean matching socks! Any fighting, go to the naughty corner!

nancy said...

Hi, cATHY, i'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT U! I did the prioritize my time Thanksgiving week & before when everyone here was complaining about the internet outages/range. Love Ya! from, NA

Running on empty said...

Love ya too, Nancy, will put another Avon order soon! I’m still getting the emails. Hope your Thanksgiving was nice.


Jeanie said...

I couldn't agree more. I just don't understand how it can happen all this stuff. Especially at this time of year. Women wouldn't be likely to let this happen and if they did it would be for something very critical.