Saturday 12 August 2017


My hubby likes Björk. As a consequence there are lots of her CDs here, but I seldom play them unless for him occasionally. Perhaps I will a bit more after seeing this clip

"Mutant cats are taking over the world." Acerules. 

Acerules and younger cat.

Our younger cat follows us down the street often when we go out on foot. She only goes a few houses distance though. Her predecessor, who was later hit and killed by a car, a most beloved cat, would go most of the way with us. We worried about her getting lost going back, so constructed an outdoor enclosure for her use when we went out. She was just too bold for her own good, however. Staying home is certainly safest in life, although many accidents happen in the home. Those who never go out, however, are missing out on life. I get quite restless if I'm cooped up for too long. The internet has improved things for people, but has it given others a reason to stay home too much?

"The song is a celebration of the human body. It describes the nervous system, acupunctural energy, and the respiratory system but they all work together because of the heart. This can be a metaphor for the centrality of love in a relationship."
  • I think ferrariguy90 might be onto something there. Read the full lyrics here and tell me your thoughts. 


Profound Familiarity said...

What ho! Excellent post on a truly excellent topic (cats, not Bjork although she does have a certain "suicide girl" appeal. I actually quite liked the video above).

Fizzfan said...

I liked the video a lot. Bjorks not my perfect cup of tea but she is a very refreshing change to my normal brand.

Of course being a bit of a mad cat lady I loved the cat being her loved one.
I just picked up the hearts more than a physical thing and the cat represented an innate understanding of the freedom our spirits need to be happy.

Running on empty said...

I did think there might be a range of interpretations of the video. I will Google "suicide girl", though I'm afraid what it will turn up.

Is your cat any better, Fizz?

Fizzfan said...

Yes. I went from being 100% certain she was on her way out to her now being OKish. She seems to have good and bad days.
Her dietary requirements have spiralled into ham, chicken, fresh fish or canned tuna and cheese. Even the very best cat food will no longer be tolerated!
I'm just happy she's still here.

Running on empty said...

I'm glad for you, too, Fizz.

Our older cat was bought as a kitten when Acerules was only around two to three years old, so she's getting on too. We make allowances.

She tolerates the kitten, with a few whacks and hisses and there's not much love lost between them, but when the kitten went missing, and I walked the streets calling her, older cat walked with me, way past her normal comfort zone.

Fizzfan said...

They are mysterious creatures. Eternally a law unto themselves.
Utterly untrainable but I rather like that. They're just completely themselves and you just have to go along with it. Oddly affectionate though and very funny.
I didn't even know I liked cats until I came home with one. A kitten cuteness overload got the better of me when I visited a friend whose cat had just had some.
Hubby wasn't too thrilled but she even won him round in the end.

Running on empty said...

I have trained ours a little. Hubby sabotages all of it, as he does with my child rearing. I console myself that I will probably die first then he will have to put up with all the confused animals /child.

Fizzfan said...

Like cats versus dogs, I often think some people are more trainable than others. Some like rules n regulations, others not so much.
Do you think it's genetic or learned behaviour?

Me n my Sis are utterly different in that regard yet we were brought up by the same parents etc....
Shes uber tidy, me not so much, in fact I loathe housework.
Shes always got a project on the go (eternally 'doing up' houses) Me, done it once, hopefully never again.
She's a sorter outer, get things done kinda gal, and very vocal about it too.

I wish I had more of that but I like a cat, prefer to observe, do what I need to do and then wander off for a nap, or at least something I want to do.
I don't think I'm very trainable:)

Running on empty said...

Well, it's about motivators, intrinsic and extrinsic.

My hubby is oppositional. That's his thing. Ok in some areas, like he refuses to wear a shirt advertising a company when everyone else might be wearing them. Not useful at all in the teamwork needed to run a home and family.

Fizzy, you are so much more than a cat, let me count the ways...

Fizzfan said...

Owww, there's that dreaded word teamwork. I'm almost allergic to it. I do try more these days but have always found it too complicated.
My mind tends to want to do things differently or at least without the noise of other opinions.
Motivators? Just people being nice really and allowing you to be....and biscuits....yeah one of my bosses used to buy me little packets of biscuits and leave sweet notes on my desk. It was a she, so no ulterior motive.
I'm just not a herd animal. You either have that instinct or you don't.

More than a cat? You're very kind. I do relate to their behaviours big time though, although I do like vegetables a lot, and biscuits.

KEthical Politics said...

Not my favorite type of music but I enjoyed the video and liked the unconditional love the cat represented. They are happy as long as we are there.