Thursday 3 August 2017


Did you know that koalas are not called koala bears? They are not a bear. Scientists think they will be at risk from global warming, and by more logging of old growth forests, proposed in Australia. You can help these furry creatures. You can even adopt one through the second link provided. 

Koalas should not have to fight over shrinking habitat! We need more protected native bush areas for them, with the bigger trees that they prefer.

Source article for this story

How to help:

Koala hospital in Port Macquarie


KEthical Politics said...

Aww what an unhappy little koala. He needs a big tree of his own....cute video.

Fizzfan said...

What a big ol bully that other one was. Poor little thing:(

Read a bit of the linked article: I hope they designate an area just for koalas.
If governments can't protect a national symbol I really do despair. They are just too cute not to care.

Loved the bit about the bear, tiger n lion living together too :))

Profound Familiarity said...

I tend to categorise koalas as bears.

I mean look at them!

What else could they be?!

Dolphins?! Birds of Prey?!

No, they're bears alright.

Badger said...

OHHHH I seem to be in the wrong room,,, hello anybody there,, where's that girl who invited me to blogg ?
Hi Dan I see you're here, one of plenty asked me to blogg on China but I am not sure where she wanted me to do it,,

Running on empty said...

You have to love National Geographic, such lovely pictures. Here's your answer Dan, watch the little video.

Badger, I'm thrilled you're considering providing a blog post, just email it to me.

Fizz, we have many cute fluffy and unique animals here.

Kathy, the Nat Geo article above in this comment, says they need 100 trees each.

Profound Familiarity said...

Bears have:

* ears for hearing
* cute nose
* fluffy cuddly fur


I rest my case.

Running on empty said...

But no pouch.