Sunday 4 February 2018

MASQUERADE PARTY 14 -all that glitters

This is part 14 of the series I'm writing in the lead up to our daughter's sweet 16 Venetian Masquerade baroque ball coming up this month. Please read the other 13 parts. 

Shirley Bassey sings the James Bond film theme song: Goldfinger.

We should have taken shares in gold paint. This week we went through two cans of gold spray paint and two tubes of gold paint. We are not finished either. I had to laugh. Some items from the house, started off gold, and I painted them cream over the years, because hubby doesn’t like gold. (Well, it’s not his party this time!!) Now they are back to gold again, for this Venetian party. Some will be sold at the garage sale next day, what doesn’t sell of our possessions collected over the years, will get painted again!!

I can’t remember for sure, but I think I bought this small ceramic for one of Acerules angel theme birthday parties. She had one such party in our last city, and one here. These days it hangs in the bathroom, over the bath, well it did when it was cream:

The other day Acerules spray painted 4 iron wall candelabras (from the hall, and the bathroom, two were previously teal and two were cream). Also a cream iron candlestick from the bathroom. All are now gold. She also did a first coat of gold paint on an ex tv cabinet made of orange pine. I need lots of occasional furniture around the room for the cake, presents, flowers, candles, props etc. A couple of the heavier large framed pictures will also have to rest their bottom edge on wall tables, as we are using temporary hooks.

Here are some things we hand painted today:

A vintage set of little prints, previously hung in my bedroom:

This framed print of an angel , below, is one of the few things in this set of photos, that I bought brand new, for our bedroom, when we were nearly married. It has gone from gold to cream, to gold again. I’ve promised it for Acerules’ adult house.

Hubby put together two spindles from the shed, and two bowls from the house, below, to make a pair of candlesticks , with supervision!!

Acerules unified them with paint, below. I have no idea what the industrial object is behind with the orange rope, but it’s so heavy, it’s handy to hold up the big heavy “market” umbrella.

I took a pair of green and white vases, which only cost $5 au each, on one of our Ebay trips to the city during the year, and tried to reduce both the green and the white. I’ve been using this florist for our parties for years, and I know she likes this wide- mouthed shape. They are a good size too. The carved candlesticks and panel were previously plain wood, we have accrued them second hand over the years. The big framed picture underneath covered in newsprint, is a handworked wool tapestry of a 1700s scene of boats in a bay. Hanging in our dining room, it’s frame was blue before. If it doesn’t sell, it’s going back to blue!

Me painting a first coat of gold on a leather belt for a nobleman or woman’s costume:

This wool tapestry below of a lady , previously hung outside our laundry:

The picture below, of the Virgin Mary talking to St Dominic and another saint, had a frame previously painted cream by me, and it hung in our bedroom. I will keep and repaint after the party, as I was partially educated by Dominican nuns and brothers. I found it years ago second hand:

Nearly everything here, except for one picture, I think, was purchased over the years second hand. For the benefit of the planet, it’s good to “reduce, reuse, recycle.”

This morning, hubby carved out the hollows in the pillar (church ) candles, to accommodate battery tea lights for safety with the teen guests. We need more than that!

When I went to make food, allegedly younger cat started researching a post for the blog!

Typical management, sitting down while we worked, L-R younger cat, younger dog in a favoured spot on top of the irises, and older dog:

Tomorrow I will break out the silver spray paint for a very different craft. Keep checking in! 


LickSch said...

Wow...that's a lot of work for a sweet sixteen party!

Jane said...

I loved all that gold paint! Hope you're doing the spray paint in a well ventilated space.
I chuckled when I spotted chook chook in the corner of one photo!
On our way to Jodhpur from the battalion post. Time to go home vans recover from 3 days of partying!

Running on empty said...

Ah yes, Jan, that’s Chookchook 3 or 4. Chook 2 is still going strong however, and runs things, or so she thinks ;) wish I had your social life!

Yes , Licksch, you are correct! Should be good though.