Tuesday 13 February 2018

MASQUERADE PARTY 16 - pink chandeliers and red lipstick

This is part 16 of the series I'm writing in the lead up to our daughter's sweet 16 Venetian Masquerade baroque ball coming up this month. Please read the other 15 parts. 

Andrea Bocelli - Con Te Partiro (English lyrics translation)

Today, I called into the hairdresser for a price on Acerules party hairdo, so I can pay it in advance, as a friend will be picking Ace up from there and driving her to the venue. While there, I told her Ace is choosing items for her gift registry, and did she think 16 is old enough to own red lipstick and nail varnish? She thought it was ok, if it matched red clothes. 

Ace then chose the last basket of options at the Chemist’s, for the registry. It was fun for her, I hope some people give her something from the list. Again I tried to encourage her to put in practical things as well as frivolous, like a hot water bottle and cover! On the (very pretty) shower caps, she said “no way, I don’t want my friends giving me a shower cap!!!” She did the horrified version of the teenage eye roll. At the very end, she went running past me with a small boxed perfume. I caught up (I’m slow) and wanted to know what she was hiding from me, was it musk? (I think she’s too young for musk). The assistant said, musk isn’t too sexy! It’s just old fashioned!! Lol. However, the perfume turned out to be called Deception Guilty. She didn’t even try a tester, but since I was v tired, and the bottle was small, I gave in. I hope it doesn’t smell cheap. Apparently it’s wanted for post -sport stinkies at school. 

Excerpt from Honour by August- Found

“I'm raising my head, I'm taking a new look around
What now seems lost and fading
Surely can be found

Stay another minute there
Wait it out
I am finding out just how good it feels
To be so real in this carnival
Of hopes and dreams coming true (coming true)
All you do in this life
Echos in eternity”

Here, I’m doing the next step in the faux Venetian chandeliers. If you’ve been reading, you’d know that we brought the two vintage Marie Thérèse crystal chandeliers home on trains and the bus, from the city, having bought them cheaply on eBay. That day we also bought a mirror, and a big framed tapestry, also cheap, all for the party, however, the gold framed oval mirror will also be suitable for Acerule’s adult home. It was a real feat bringing them on public transport, not in peak hour, I wouldn’t try that. 

So far, I’ve taken the faceted crystals off the chandeliers, as I want a Murano Italian look. Acerules and a friend also threaded assorted pink glass beads for them. Today, I gave them a good scrub, a rinse, and a colour change. 

After washing, below, trying not to get the electricals wet. I scrubbed with a soft cloth, dishwashing detergent dissolved in warm water, and rinsed. We are not having them connected at the party, we will be using battery candles in them , like we did for the one we used at Christmas Dinner.

I’m mixing a small amount of the paint, with a Medium designed to dilute the paint. It’s white, so hard to see in the bowl, unless you look carefully. Like some glues, the white disappears when it dries, to become shiny. While I did this painting, Acerules studied on her laptop nearby for her biology exam. 

Toto Cutugno - L'italiano Techno Remix.

I was disappointed in how pink it was when wet, was hopeful for a tinge of purple. The pink is fine for the party, though. 

Hubby hung them up to dry. I was going for an imperfect, handmade look. 

The other one, they will become more glossy when the white glaze dries.

Certainly imperfect, but better than red lipstick on a pig. Not finished yet!

Long standing readers will be familiar with my friend Nancy, well her Avon site is having a big sale up to 65% off!

Candle on sale, was $19.99 US, now $6.99 US

Cushion Walk sandal, was $24.99 US, now $12.99 US, buyer rated 5/5 stars 

Convertible Maxi dress, wear 8 ways, size 2xl, and 3xl, was $39.99 US, now $19.99 US

And lots more, have a look. 

 I have purchased some items from Nancy for Acerules, including makeup for her party, I was very happy with them, they arrived quickly, and she was very helpful. I’m not being paid for this mention. This link takes a couple of minutes to load:

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