Sunday 29 April 2018

FREE PRINTABLE IMAGES for Mother’s Day crafts

G’day from our chickens and ducks!

Copyright Runningonempty

I was playing around, and came up with a bunch of decor images below, that you can use for personal use, to make Mother’s Day crafts etc.

 The flowers , bird eggs and chickens are all from our Aussie garden. The photos of them were taken by Acerules and myself. You could frame them in photo frames, stick them on boxes and jars, on a hook board, on a shoe shine cabinet, make a clock back, print to fabric to make a tote bag for shopping, a cushion cover, or a lavender pillow, check out Google for ideas. If sticking the paper prints on things, I recommend mod podge, and varnish to protect. The mod podge stops the ink running. 

A set of cardboard boxes covered with wrapping paper or painted cream, and these prints added, would be a pretty and low cost storage solution. 

As far as the jars go, I gave you a link to home made beauty products , in my last post. These images would be nice on those products with toning ribbons, or jute string.

For personal use only. These are French theme, if you want Italy, or New York, let me know. 


Mary K. said...

These are really beautiful images. And I certainly can see printing them out and adding them to an assortment of things as a Mother's Day gift. Well done!!

Running on empty said...

Thankyou, Mary, nice to see you here.

Pam Richardson said...

Cath, these images are stunning! What a joy to print these out and use! You rock!

Running on empty said...

Thankyou, Pam, I’ve been travelling so just seen this now.

Merry Smith said...

They are very nice, how can I get those images.

Running on empty said...

Welcome Merry. They are free for anyone to save on their computer or device, and print to make things for personal use.

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

Love your art - it's amazing! I would suggest you upload them to Google Drive and give people a link to download them. That way it's a bigger photo with a higher dpi so they can just print it. I'm going to share your post so all my friends see the great art.

Running on empty said...

Thankyou for your help Carol. It is much appreciated. When my teen comes back from camp I will ask her to do that.

If you want to play with what I used, just upload your photos to Photo lab app. Allow plenty of time, it’s fun!

Regards Cath

Running on empty said...

Oh, I use two or three of their filters per photo, often, then try to keep it consistent throughout.

My daughter uses other software too. Her work gets a credit to Acerules though.