Friday 29 June 2018


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We recently passed 15000 hits on this blog, from around the world. I am very grateful to the guest writers and the readers, since we started 18 months ago.

 I’m also grateful to the creative people who make the videos and the free photos I put up, those that are not mine. I’m grateful for the designers of the iPad I work on, the devices on which you read this, also the people at Blogger, Blog Touch, Photo lab, Photo Fox and the networks. 

Thankyou to Acerules who loads nearly all my posts for me, models and sometimes writes or photographs, or makes memes. Thankyou to hubby, who pays our internet provider. 

“Now thank we all our God” in the original German (lyrics in English at the end of this post):

My mother used to joke, when she was alive, that she wanted “Now thank we all our God” at her funeral. She thought that was hilarious. We did have it. The choir sang , that she had been a member of for years. She had also sung at the microphone solo for decades with just the organist. She had a lovely soprano voice, trained in the operatic style, which she volunteered for God. It’s a nice notion, “giving back” and using your talents for others, I think. 

Thankfulness leads to happiness. It also drives grumpy people nuts, which is a bonus to be thankful for. (Just kidding.)

This lady is a genius. She improvises on “Now Thank we all our God”, although she has never heard it before:

Now Thank we all our God lyrics:


Pam Richardson said...

Cath, I didn’t realize that you had not been blogging for a long time. Oh, doesn’t this world need to grasp gratefulness. As a musician and singer an my hubby and son are both, I am glad to know your mother was a trained singer and used her talent in church ! Our son is our worship leader in our church! Blessings~

Running on empty said...

I’m happy you have your son nearby, Pam. Blessings to you too.

R said...

The sun is starting to set here, so this has been a lovely way to welcome the evening. Thanks.

Running on empty said...

Welcome, R, come back anytime.

Jeanie said...

Why not have that at your funeral? It's a grand song and a good one. Thanks for sharing such links!

Running on empty said...

My funeral? I hadn’t thought about the music beyond “Amazing Grace” because I have some Scottish blood.