Saturday 14 July 2018

PRICELESS JEWELS 1- Part 2 of Canberra trip

Our first excursion in Canberra was to the National Art Gallery to see the Cartiér exhibition, a once in a lifetime experience, so I took lots of photos to show you. It was not hubby’s thing, so he wandered around the permanent displays in the gallery instead. Acerules and I had purchased our tickets to the bling show earlier, however, so we bypassed the queue. The displays were chronological and well signposted, which I include here. There were too many to photograph everything. 

The first section was 19 th century Cartier objects, this display was impossible to get in focus as it glittered with diamonds so much. Imagine a ballroom filled with such jewels, no need for disco lights!

Impossible to capture the glitter of the diamonds with the iPad:

Ballet costume and set:


The piece at the top was usually a tiara. There were alot of them! 

Acerules agreed that these earrings were in her “style” (a nebulous concept I’ve never grasped):

There was a sign near this display pointing out how expensive natural pearls were in those days. Cartier actually exchanged a pearl necklace for a building! 

Emeralds and diamonds

Sapphire cabochon, diamonds and rubies

Back of a clock:

Hooley Dooley!

Note, 1928 the year before the great stock market crash:


Diamonds, of course, for the head:

Over 800 diamonds in this Indian style convertible bracelet:

Earrings with diamonds and sapphires:


Scarab jewellery:

There were a few Halo tiaras,it turns out that it refers to a shape, this is not the Kate Middleton one:

Acerules loved this snake necklace, as she loves animals including reptiles:

Ace enjoying the displays:

Cigarette holders begin to make an appearance:

Front of that clock I showed earlier:

Design drawings by Cartier:

Perfect jade:

Just twist his head to open this bangle:

Dahrrrrrling!! So good you could make it! (Air kisses).

I like this one:

Elephant clock:

Part 2 of the Cartier exhibition is next.


Jeanie said...

These are truly fabulous. I can see why you wanted to see the exhibit. It's stunning. Can't wait to see more.

Rina said...

I can't be a real lefty. I should be appalled by the excess, instead I am awe struck by the beauty.

Pam Richardson said...

Cath, the elephant clock caught my eye and the jade pieces. I don’t think the smoking pieces would go over as well today. Beautiful Cartier exhibit, thank you for sharing!

Running on empty said...

Certainly, I think the artisans and designers need to be celebrated.

As for excess, there was a King’s ransom in this exhibition. As for the ballrooms of the elite.... well, never mind.

Stay tuned for other posts from our trip, I took lots of photos! I have bad vision, so doing that actually helps me notice things .