Sunday 15 July 2018

PRICELESS JEWELS 2 - part 3 in Canberra trip series

“A leader is a dealer in hope”. Napoleon Bonaparte

Priceless jewels Part 2 


Celebrating Bastille Day, the National day of France, I continue presenting my photos from our recent visit to the Cartier exhibition in Canberra Australia. 

This section of the exhibition was devoted to men’s products. Some had been owned by famous people, whose photos were blown up large on the walls. There were too many to photograph everything, but here is a sample:

“Jeweler of kings . . . and king of jewelers.” –Edward VII, King of Great Britain (r. 1901-1910), on Cartier.

“Simplicity to me, has always been the essence of good taste”. Cary Grant.

The below says Five-dial clock. Presented to President Roosevelt by Pierre Cartier in 1943 , during WW2.

Cartier modern day watch, showing attention to detail:


Pam Richardson said...

Cath, I enjoyed seeing the men’s accessories and the old screen stars wearing them. Cartier is definitely in a league of their own. I certainly could never own anything Cartier.

Running on empty said...

Well, Pam, I looked up the prices on their modern day stock, and all I can say is Ouch! There are many rich folk who love the cachet, however.