Friday 20 July 2018

THE RED CORD (poem).

Try this with your cat:

Warning, touch screens should have a protector. 

The red cord


A red cord winds between us

that hasn’t got a soul.

It’s calligraphic legend

embroidered on a scroll.

Invisible as servant,

a master it is not.

It’s secret? It’s immutable,

impermeable to rot.

I trail, you chase it pouncing

but never chew it through.

Me? Lost every pair of cutters,

even those bought new.

You play at magic cord tricks.

I think out most of them.

I start a game of jump rope

but you tire and leave again.

You’re tripping and I’m hobbled

then when I leave, you yank.

I haul you up cliff faces,

ask why, but draw a blank.

You’ve knotted some macrame pots

that thwack me on the head.

Occasionally flowering,

but sometimes playing dead.

It doesn’t care it trips them

where buried, fouling trolls.

We reminisce together,

and reenact our roles.

It’s cable wound with habit,

as more threads make it broad.

Telephony or pathy,

We dredge it up when bored.

Ruby fibre optical

lies glooming in the deep.

It never will be optional.

If ‘twere, watch sages weep,

for you are Queen and jester,

yea brilliant, twice my brain.

I would not mind three hundred cords

to hear you laugh again.

Copyright Runningonempty.

Happy Birthday for next week, Margo. 

This is a well rated (human) game for two players:

Red rope, don’t fall behind




Running on empty said...

I figured out you can also do butt clenching exercises in time to the cat’s video. Two for one value!

Pam Richardson said...

Hi Cath, I thought I had subscribed to your blog, but never received it in my inbox. I just re-subscribed I hope. I will try that as I watch the cat video. You are hilarious!

Running on empty said...

You are appearing on the followers now, Pam.welcome aboard.

Jeanie said...

Thanks, Cath! I see trouble coming with Lizzie and the video!

Running on empty said...

I hope she enjoys it and doesn’t break your screen!