Thursday 14 September 2017


The Holidays are coming. I don't like last minute shopping so I collect gifts in advance.

Reading through the Avon site of my friend who is going through difficult times, I found this perfume that has very high customer reviews, as one of their best sellers. It would make a good Christmas present, as it seems to appeal to both those who like florals, and those who like less sweet scents, at an affordable price, US $30 for one, or $38 for two.

Sorry I do not have scratch and sniff on my blog at this time, but who knows what technology will offer in the future? 

If you are in the US there is free postage for orders totalling over US $40 , going to the same address, so you could have a look at the very affordable stocking stuffers from their Sale department. For international orders , talk to Nancy.

Please support this lovely lady. This is just one product, but you can jump around all over her Avon site. There are lots and lots of Christmas present ideas, and more will be coming in. Sign up to receive email notifications. The bonus is that it will help her family situation, I promise. She did not ask me to help in this way, I'm just a friend :) As such I will be advertising some of her products in the future. 


Profound Familiarity said...

I can see you adopting scratch and sniff if it was available. I think your blog would become a multi-sensory experience. Writing, songs, videos and aromas :)

Running on empty said...

You know I do think you're right!

Running on empty said...


Avon has brought in free shipping for orders over TWENTY dollars in the US.