Sunday 10 September 2017


An appeal to all our readers. 

I'm sorry I've not loaded any new posts this past week. I have had a special interest in natural disasters for many years, at least since the 1983 Ash Wednesday bushfires. I have been following Hurricane Harvey, monstrous Hurricane Irma, it's desructive path and that of Jose and Katia, the other two with it. I have friends in Florida. It seemed like I could not add any new words to the terrible news I'm reading. 

There might not be any new words for me to write, but there is prayer.

Please, if you believe in God, or think He might exist, go to church this week , any church, and pray for the people in the path of this monstrosity. There is strength in numbers. Jesus said if two or three gathered in his name, he would be there. I'm not the world's greatest church goer these days, but I will be there. If you cannot get to a church please pray anyway.

There are other disasters and causes to pray for too. The monsoon victims in Bangaladesh and India. The Mexican earthquake. The victims of war in the Middle East. Private concerns re sick family and friends. The list goes on. 

One of our writers on this blog has opened up her home in the path of the storms, to strangers who normally live in a mobile home park. This will most certainly save their lives. That is an inspiration to me. So is the work of all the volunteers. Let's see if we can support them.

Irma, in the middle, Katia on the left, and Jose following.


Let's do whatever we can.


Running on empty said...

Feel free to post your prayer requests here.

Running on empty said...

Ok, guys, Irma is weakening, now let's pray it goes off to sea before it does anymore damage!

Profound Familiarity said...

It's noble of you to write about this important cause.

Running on empty said...

No bull on my blog!

Have received word that Auntiebuzzybee is ok, only minor damage to her house.

KEthical Politics said...

Thank you for your concern and prayers. Thankfully it seems lives were spared by the storm preparation and all the work the cities, state, and government did to prepare the residents of Florida. The storm took a surprising turn so it is a good thing they told the whole state to prepare. The people I know who had homes there are all fine with only minor damage to homes.

Running on empty said...

Thank God the storm was not as bad in Florida as it was in the Carribean!
Still, the whole region has a huge cleanup. Massive damages bills and disruption to lives.

Thank God Lyn's family and her house are all right. Still haven't heard news about Jan's family.