Saturday 2 September 2017

VENETIAN PARTY part 7 - How to make disposable placemats for cents.

This is part 7 of the series I'm writing in the lead up to our daughter's sweet 16 Venetian Masquerade baroque ball early next year. Please read the other six parts. 

Making disposable baroque placemats. 

I was looking for gold paper doileys, to protect my tablecloths from Italian food, but couldn't find any. (We are not using the white tablecloths available from the venue, but layers of cloths , very "OTT.") The first layer underneath will be long heavy woven bedspreads I've been collecting, with wonderful patterns. On top of those will be shorter cream or gold tablecloths, on top of those hot pink damask table runners, 

vintage silver plated drink coasters, old silver plated cutlery, candelabras the same, old silver plated pedestal bowls full of fruit, low baroque vases of flowers, lace fans for the ladies, old silver plated and pewter goblets, napkins and disposable placemats. Over the centrepieces will be a thin veil of faux spiderwebs, as a concession to my teen, who wanted something spooky. As the chairs are upholstered metal, the venue promised white fabric covers, but I'm covering those with a wide cream lace sash. 

The effect will be rich and textured by (battery) candlelight. Less like function rooms, with everything matching,  more like a baroque private house, as if stuff had been pulled out of carved linen chests for the occasion.

  I couldn't find disposable placemats to suit the theme, so I decided to make my own. I took the simple materials to the rescue service building that my husband is involved in, because they have 4 metre long table formations in their incident room. We took donuts.


4 metre rolls of silver damask wrapping paper x2, purchased at a discount store.

$2.50 au for each roll. 

62 disposable placemats made , plus 2 with a small mistake, use for keeping them clean. 

Cost per placemat, 8 cents Au. 

Rolled up for transport.

Maximum pizza and pasta sauce protection, tiny cost. 

"Sword" fighting and the sound of "digeridoo" playing, priceless. 

Hubby had been to give blood plasma that day, under the auspices of his rescue service, SES. Hence the bandage. Some "Aussie bush" photos from the journey. Copyright Runningonempty. 

This post including its photographs is copyright.


Profound Familiarity said...

Your event planning skills are showing here. No details left to chance.

Running on empty said...

You are freakishly accurate, Dan. I am too detail orientated. For my first weddding, in the very early '90 s, I journeyed all over a capital city for different types of ribbon. Probably no one else noticed, but that's just how I am, and I haven't changed. The only thing that makes me compromise is budget.

On the other hand I dress very casually most of the time. I'm not OCD at all in everyday life. It's these special events I let loose on.

Fizzfan said...

I've never planned a big 'do' in my life. Not even my wedding. Hubby arranged it all.

I'm guessing you enjoy it?
Closest I've ever got was my Sons birthdays when he used to have his mates round for sleep overs.

Running on empty said...

I enjoy watching my child having fun during it, that's for sure.i enjoy watching them learn from each theme, and I enjoy the learning too. With such a long prep time for each one, there's plenty of time for research, craft work, etc. some things seem to stick in my mind, like helping my son make a Great Wall of China out of lamingtons (you can't use icing as mortar , we found out, has to be cream. ) Alsowhen making Cuban cocktails (hubby's 50 th) don't forget the sugar.

Fizzfan said...

I've resisted the allure of learning how to make cocktails because I'd have to buy all the ingredients and I love them too much.
Once you start.....

KEthical Politics said...

Great placemats for a small price! They say necessity is the mother of invention and you certainly carry it to a new level. It would drive me batty to have to plan an event for such a long time in such detail. My granddaughter is getting married next year and she will plan most of her own wedding. We can feed her ideas and offer money but basically it will be up to her. The task seems monumental to me and I really don't have the tenacity to stick to the project. I admire your enjoyment of such a long term task.
The Au bush pictures show such a beautiful sky, even more so than the landscape. It seems so clear and pure.

Running on empty said...

Hehe, indeed.

Well I had to fill in for the bartender, MC and others who didn't show up on the night. It was a huge venue and I was literally running. Acerules was a really big help, couldn't have done his party without her. Throwing formal parties are not all beer and skittles. The end is always good for me. I eat lots of leftovers, have a drink and put my feet up prior to cleaning up.

Running on empty said...

Kathy, the sky is clear on that side of the mountains, but closer to the coal fired power station, on the other side, not quite so clear.

If your G daughter needs something tell me, I might have it.