Tuesday 13 June 2017


I met and spoke with a famous author quite by chance today. She was getting ready to give some workshops on writing family history books , in our library, and Acerules and I just happened to be in there, Ace, in her school uniform, was doing homework, I hope, as I could only see the back of the laptop . I was researching for my books quietly, looking up obscure country pubs. 

She spoke with Ace and I personally. 

Her name is Hazel Edwards. She's written  best selling books, won an Order of Australia Medal for Literature, 200 published books, in 10 languages, and she was giving me writing advice, me! She was attractive, colourfully and prettily dressed, warm, friendly and giving of her experience. I'm not sure I believe it really happened. I got to shake her hand!

Have you ever met a famous person? Felt starstruck? 


Profound Familiarity said...

That must have been mega cool.

I met Timmy Mallett when he came to our university summer ball and you could get in line to meet him and have a photo taken. If you haven't heard of him, you'd find him on Youtube.

Oh and I met Bill Bryson briefly when he gave me my degree as he was chancellor of our university at the time but in both cases the celebs were meeting hundreds of people, it's not like we had a proper conversation or they'd remember.

Running on empty said...

I was not aware of Timmy Mallett, he must be hyperactive to have done everything it says on Wikipedia! Quite the all rounder.

Rina said...

That sounds super exciting, especially as it was a REAL meeting with real talk. I'm sure you will make the best of anything she told you. I've met a lot of famous people, but as I was wearing my interviewer's hat and they were wearing their celebrity hats, I don't think that really counted. My number one ever handshake? Nelson Mandela. I would have given anything for a conversation with him -- even just an interview one -- but that was not going to happen.

Going to check out Timmy Mallet now.

KEthical Politics said...

That was serendipity...what a nice experience. She sounds right up your alley looking at what she has written. No wonder you were star struck. I have met some pretty famous people through friends/family but no one I can name...an old Mich Governor was my classmate...lol...