Wednesday 14 June 2017


Simultaneously, there are allegations flying in both USA and Australia, that politicians are being influenced by overseas powers. In US it is Russia being discussed, in Australia it is China. Corruption scandals are not new. What is new is the resemblance between this accused person in Australia, 


and this accused person in America :


I will leave all the politicians to go look for reds under the beds. Only the Russian ruling government is not technically Communist anymore, that's a different party over there. 

Is corruption worse than war? It's bad, surely, but worse? No. 

Ok, the solution is to get rid of political donations altogether. All parties on a level playing field. Also stick to paper ballots, recycled paper of course, to reduce the chances of hacking. 

I'd also like to see the banning of betting on election outcomes. If the payment was big enough, some politicians might throw elections. 

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