Thursday 27 July 2017


Tête à Tête

You are

who you are 

who you are 

to me.

So to me who you are is the whole world in a person each one each time is in a closed room it is a world. 

Who you are has

my attention there is nothing

else right now, there is noone else 

moment time. 

You are all and who you are is my world 

just then. 

Love the different same

Be who you are 

with me.

 But if you be gone

door open cold wind




You are

where you are

Not here.

I shiver and feed the cat.

Copyright Runningonempty

5 minutes of perfection


Profound Familiarity said...

I loved the ending to the poem.

Running on empty said...

Boring trivial fact : we bought cat food today.

KEthical Politics said...

Loved the poem....and I also liked the end. No matter goes on. I learned a long time ago the trivial things are what keep us going when life gets hard. Enjoy those small pleasures.

Running on empty said...

Friends keep me going.