Thursday 6 July 2017


All the blues music here is by Honeyboy Des, who I interviewed and photographed when he was performing in the street yesterday. He plays gigs around town, and regularly in the street, which he says pays better. He's a one man band, playing harmonica  and singing along to his own pre recorded music. He was packing up early to go to his son's birthday party, where he and his son would both be playing. I think Des is very good. There's a raw simplicity there that's a good antidote to our rat race cities. 

This is great, and just up the road a little from where we saw him:

For years I've sat down, or stopped still in front of good buskers with my kids. They seem to like it. Many have been happy to have a brief chat. We always put in our little bit for the concert. Musicians need an audience, just like writers need readers. Don't be in a rush next time you see a busker, stop and enjoy them. 

Pic by Paul Livingston.


We got into Melbourne town yesterday , butt weary after many hours on the bus . Often, we have our breakfast at Hungry Jacks, egg and bacon muffins. 


We headed off into suburbia to pick up our eBay purchase for the Venetian ball we are having, (see my series of posts on the preparations for that.) They are a pair of statues for props/prizes.

The problem was, the disruption to regular public transport services, due to the (10 year ) digging of the Metro train tunnel, meant two trams and a bus each way instead of only one tram. Slightly stressful if you have bad vision like me. We got through it all, however, and headed to the Arts Precinct in the city, to make the long trip to the city more fulfilling. We always enjoy the art gallery, where the permanent collections are free entry. We also went into the building below, with the spire, to use the facilities.


Des playing :



This busker sang very well. Her doll- like pink and powder blue outfit and big smile made her look very appealing.


A tram is behind her.


Acerules at the famous water window at the National Art Gallery of Victoria. It's been a rite of passage for generations, for kids to touch the stream. The water flows down the outside, so Acerules got lots of photos through the glass of fascinated wet pawed children, and since I love a silhouette, I got some of my own living doll. There's something about a simple outline of a figure that puts things into perspective.


It was relaxing to listen to Des' blues CD when I got home. No complications on there, just simplicity. The blues beat does sound like a train or a tram, though. Hypnotic in its own way.


Profound Familiarity said...

The building with the spire looks a bit like the Eiffel Tower.

Profound Familiarity said...

I never knew Burger King was called Hungry Jack's in Australia. Fancy that.

Running on empty said...

Yes, the spire building is a theatre space, like the round flattish one just off camera. They are supposed to have better acoustics than the Sydney Opera House. I've attended things in both and can't say I noticed much difference, I will have to defer to the experts.

I buy our lunch things in the supermarket wherever we go, it's cheaper. The occasional Hungry Jacks for breakfast or a flying dinner before we jump on the bus doesn't hurt though. At least a bout of food poisoning is unlikely, something you don't want on a four hour journey.

KEthical Politics said...

That looked like a fun trip...similar to Chicago here in the states. The silhouette is a keeper.

Running on empty said...

Lol, the girl or the photo?

Chicago gets a darned sight colder, I remember that hellish Winter in the States a couple of years ago. No snow in Melbourne.