Wednesday 12 July 2017


This is part 6 of my series on the Venetian baroque masked ball we are putting on for our daughter's Sweet 16 th, at a venue, early next year. If you are new to my blog, please read parts 1-5 also. The series will continue until after the party. 

Last week, we went to the big city to pick up four cheap secondhand eBay purchases, for the Venetian party. Some will be used in our respective houses afterward. That is not very remarkable. However, we did it on public transport! It was a long and tiring day. We live many hours away.

 One oval mirror, very good condition, $41 au


two, three - armed Marie Therese style chandeliers , (to be made over in the Murano style), only $40 au each


And a large framed tapestry of Venice in the 1600s, ($30 au) ,  all carried back on a series of trains and a regional coach! Note, its bigger than it looks here:


The first seller, of the  mirror, drove us to the next seller, of the chandeliers, waited, then took us to the train! That was an unexpected kindness! So there are still nice people in the world. In one train, due to concerning crystal clinking,  I repacked the chandeliers in their box, with alot of that day's daily newspaper , none of which, I'm sure, was fake news, but all useful!  We did all our travel in off peak times, so we weren't in anyone's way.

Here's a little baroque mirror and shelf set we picked up on a previous trip, for $27 au. My daughter is learning how to get around the big city by train!


A few of the other eBay items, for the party, that came by post, all cheap. 




I thought this cherub is appropriate,  for a Venetian palazzo, but also because it looks like a teenager rolling her eyes!! When I told Acerules that, guess what she did.


Maybe for toothpicks? I had to get things with animals, as Ace loves all animals, even ugly ones. 


For Italian chocolates:


Wall plate I'm going to keep afterward




The video on this article is a must-watch, some people have tried to take much bigger items on trains! Perhaps trains need a cargo carriage!


Profound Familiarity said...

I get the chandeliers will be spectacular.

Fizzfan said...

I reckon it's gonna be a fab party. Can't believe you're travelling so far for all this stuff! You're a very good Mum!

Loved the video. Can't knock that kind of audacity. Where there's a will....
Brought to mind a book I read years ago called Round Ireland With A Fride by Tony Hawkes. He took on a bet for £100 he couldn't hitch hike round Ireland with a fridge in a month. It was a great read and very funny.

Fizzfan said...

Fride? I meant Fridge

Running on empty said...

I'd like to read that book.

Yes, we will give the chandeliers a handblown flavour, but all done with pretend, because we are on a tight budget. I will put up a post on that. They need a good clean too.

KEthical Politics said...

You sure have been busy gathering items. Great finds.
Ace will have a good background of travel by the time you are finished and quite a memeory in later years. She will be saying "I remember the time", etc. Reminds me of my Grandaughter who went to Mexico with friends for the first time and their car broke down. She said "after having to push our car back over the border it will take a lot to embarrass me". At the moment not so funny, but in retrospect a great experience.

Running on empty said...

She had better remember her ballgown, I'm still making payments on it!