Friday 12 January 2018


Well, we passed 12,000 hits last week. That took about a year. Thankyou so much to all the readers, we so appreciate you, please share our link with friends and family.  Here’s my teen, Acerules,  that loads all the posts, looking really excited.

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Nah, she’s reading a comic book, she likes to draw. 

We went to the art gallery the other day when she had an appointment in the city. Here’s some of the art we saw. If you want a high res copy, many of the art pieces are online. 

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 Above:  Xu Zhen - meeting of east and west theme. 

Andy Warhol self portrait no. 9

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Above : Andy Warhol - Loti Smorgon

 Picasso- Weeping woman, above

Two Renoirs, above.

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Degas- dancer looking at the sole of her right foot, sculpture, above.

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Above: John Singer Sargeant -Autumn leaves.

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Above: Claude Monet - Rough Weather

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Above: Camille Pissarro - Boulevarde Montmartre, morning, cloudy weather.

Watch out for part two in a couple of days!

1 comment:

Fizzfan said...

Thanks Cath. That was really interesting.
I think my favourite was Camille Pissarro - Boulevarde Montmartre, morning, cloudy weather. I like L S Lowry a lot and his paintings have a similar look.

Couldn’t help but think the Reclining Buddha with all the white statues on it was thinking ‘Put some clothes on you lot and stop showing off’
and the Dancer statue looked like she’d stepped in something nasty:)