Friday 19 January 2018


“ But I can see you,
Your brown skin shining in the sun.
You got your hair combed back
And your sunglasses on, baby.
I can tell you my love for you will still be strong
After the boys of summer have gone.”

Excerpt from The Boys of Summer by Don Henley

This week we went to a beautiful beach in our region. It is a beach that gets rips* and sharks sometimes, so it is “manned” in the high season by Surf Life Savers. They also have a club for local children called the Nippers. The Surf Lifesavers in Australia are world famous, and rightly so. 


There is a heat wave on our side of the country, and it was cooler there with the sea breezes gently whispering near me in the grasses.

 The dry sand is light and soft , the wet is hard , so people and dogs enjoy running on it.

 Acerules enjoyed splashing in the sea. 

Woodside Beach is toward one end of the famous Ninety Mile Beach in Victoria, which is popular with fisher people and water sports, and of course ocean swimming. You cannot see an end to it, it’s marvellous. Being far from cities, it’s very clean too.

 I enjoyed the crashing of the waves and it was not overcrowded for such a hot day in the school holidays (Summer vacation).


Kane A said...

Lovely Pictures. I was there last week

Badger said...

OH my god,,, what I'd do for some of that sunshine, we have had rain all day, every day for 2 weeks now we have blizzards of snow that's horizontal, big winds and BL@@DY cold, but this is typical of the weather here at this time of year,, off to France on Thursday to see sis and view a couple of houses and building land to build my Log cabin,, that is when I get the money from the sale of this house,, when it sell's

Running on empty said...

Hope you had a good time, Kane!

Badger, I hope you get nice weather soon! Make sure log cabins are allowed in the municipality you’re considering. Some strict rules in some areas!

Licksch said...

Tonic to see photos of summer! Here it's grinding through snow ice and freezing rain. Two wind storms with gusts over 100 kph. Ugh. Enjoy the beach!

Running on empty said...

Hope you get milder weather soon, Licksch!

Jane said...

That sounds so lovely! Reminds me of my childhood on the far chillier Lake District beaches.

I am in hospital having had my gall bladder out. The one and. Only stone had lodged in the mouth of the bile wasn't going to go away and was too big to extract so was removed laparoscopically. I feel better than I expected!
But now I wonder if I can go for my Ooty holiday on 25th???

Running on empty said...

Hi, Jane, I’m glad you dealt with your gall bladder problem, it’s better than putting things off, better to face them. As for the holiday, you should obey your doctor. Complications after surgery...