Sunday 15 January 2017


Well here I am again typing in the middle of the night, chewing Extra Spearmint chewing gum to try to stop me from finding sweet things somewhere in the house and eating them. I'm going through alot of chewing gum since I started this diet on Jan 1. Hubby lost a lot of weight before our wedding years ago on it, so I'm following suit. In the interests of full disclosure, I did have a tuna in olive oil sandwich an hour ago, but it's sweets I want late at night. 

Free use license, taken by Tsui.

So, I mentioned on my post "Winding up the year", that I was given two Guy Sebastian CDs for Christmas. I have been a fan of his for years, since he first became successful, because I like his voice and humble personality. I remember years ago watching an intimate concert he gave, that was televised. Guy made a big deal of the other musicians and singers on the stage, and I was impressed. This was during a period in pop music where lots of top artists were singing all the parts in songs themselves. It was all about them. In my humble opinion, (and it is humble). this denies struggling singers work. On the Madness CD cover, Guy acknowledges the backing vocalists. 

However, I have a message for the designers of that cover booklet. Please, please, can we have less photos of Guy, and bigger lyrics and other writing? I've noticed it before, but my daughter has more or less perfect vision, and even she had trouble reading it. The print is seriously tiny. I would post a photo, but it's copyrighted.

Both my daughter, who is mid teens, and myself, just over 50,  like this album. It is of the quality we have come to expect from Guy. I'm a little worried about some of the subject matter, I hope his marriage is ok. Some of the dark and doubting themes do make for better songs , though. There is only so much artificial sweetener a person can take. That's coming from a dieter eating too much chewing gum! What I like is how Guy has grown into himself. He still sings like a cherub, but in a man's body, with a man's worries about his relationship. I hope the songwriting is real, not like Adele's, who said in an interview that she was actually happy these days, but the record company said she had to go back to writing dark songs as that is what the public want. That doesn't seem authentic to me.

Standout songs for me are Madness, the title track -the first line is a gem "How can I settle for less now I've had amazing", it hooks me every time. I also like Linger, the partnering with Lupe Fiasco is inspired, as it was with Battle Scars. Despite its chirpiness, I also enjoy Like a Drum. Very danceable. I recommend "The Pause" to my friend who likes giving me the silent treatment. Talk to me, mate! 

Well done, Guy, bring out another album soon, I have a birthday coming up.

Part 1 EP

Copyright Acerules.      "No one holds a candle to you" from the first track, Candle.

This seems to be a love letter to Guy's wife, and faithfulness,  from start to finish. All of the 6 songs are well written, but Set In Stone is a beautiful ballad. The video clip is good too, his emotion comes through. Recommended to purchase. 

I would like Guy to make a gospel album. He has done some existing relevant songs. It never did Johhny Cash or some other artists any harm. In Guy's case, it is his roots. One should never lose track of that, that goes for all of us. 

If anyone can think of a signature sign- out for me to use, I should have one, shouldn't I? Tell me in the comments, and also your Guy Sebastian thoughts. (Having listened to the EP, if they are lewd thoughts I'd say you haven't got a hope.)

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