Monday 23 January 2017



This is when a person confirms that they wish to stay in the Christian church. 

So, I was at Dad's the other day and I managed to get some home videos sent to me from his iPad. They are from several years ago at my daughter's confirmation. I was amazed , viewing them, how much she's grown. I can't figure out how to put them on this blog, so I have one of the dance tracks, from her dove dance she did at her party, thanks to her teacher teaching her that and another for the occasion. She also performed them at her father's 50 th party. I also managed to grab some still photos from the videos.


Clare is not her first name, but a "Confirmation name" that is taken during the ceremony. It is taken from a saint. Saint Clare was an associate of Saint Francis of Assisi.

The track used for her dove dance:

Dove dance:





I can't believe how small the other kids look there too, now they are taller than me. Where does the time go? 


Kathy said...

You must be very proud of her. Yes, the time goes faster the older we get. The kids want it to go faster and we want it to slow down.

Running on empty said...

Yes, I never tired of watching her dance. She started from the time she learned to stand. She would dance in her stroller. As a toddler I remember she had the Shakira "bum wiggle" down pat. Then she started dance lessons at age three, which were conducted in a fun manner.

Kathy said...

It takes a certain confidence to dance in front of people. I commend her for that...

Running on empty said...

As a child I was a very good pianist. However if I had to perform in public I would make mistakes I never made at home. The school made me perform at Assembly sometimes, I hated it. When we had school drama I always liked to be the narrator, as I could look down at the script.