Friday 27 January 2017



I have a friend
who says I'm bad.
She says I "control", 
or I get "mad." 

I accuse her of
the self same thing.
She's got no right, 
there ain't a ring. 

What is control
and what is care? 
How much to say
before they scare?

I walk too much
where angels won't.
It is their life
and  they must own't.

I must admit
with my Mum gone, 
I like advice, 
feel less alone. 

I take the bits
that work, enhanced.
They cannot know
my circumstance.

 Control away
I have no pride.
Because it's you
I couldn't mind.

Copyright Self raising flowers.

I heard this cool song remake and thought she might relate to it. My Dad is also fiercely independent. 

Comments on this topic are welcome.


Kathy said...

I don't think there is a woman alive that wouldn't relate to those lyrics....

Running on empty said...

What did you think of the remake?

Kathy said...

I thought it was great.

Kathy said...
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Running on empty said...

Me too, maybe we are young at heart ;)

Fizzfan said...

I like to think I'm a free spirit at heart, so control is something I've always kicked against. I had a long relationship with a lovely guy years ago but he did 'advise' me what to wear sometimes etc, but we did get together in 1980 and women's lib was still filtering through. Its complicated because some people naturally take to subordinate roles, where others assume the leaders. Its good we're all different and we generally find a 'fit' with friends and partners someone along the way. Control holds negative connotations but I know we'd also be lost without it. It's finding the balance that suits you I guess.

Kathy said...

It looks like a beautiful country.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Cath here.

Australia is a beautiful country, depending on the rains. If you're used to green you would find the droughts confronting.

Fizz, you must have met the man in kindergarten, if it was 1980. ! Happy Birthday!

Fizzfan said...

You've made my day Cath. Yeah I was VERY precocious! I wish I had still been in kindergarten (or maybe not cos that would have made him a bit EWWW YUK) but honest, I was 19 in 1980.

Running on empty said...

There's a song, "I was only nineteen", by Redgum. It's about the Vietnam war.

Fizzfan said...

Oh Lord Cath. I've just listened to it. I've gone from giggling at cow jokes to a full on blub. I'm a mess! Such a great track. Just cements my views on war and how tragic and mind blowingly ridiculous it all is. I can 'rage against the machine' all I like though, it just never ends does it?! HATE IT SOOOOO MUCH!

Running on empty said...

Well then, I might use that song in a future blog post.

Lol, we are working on a very time consuming one now. It will be worth it, then soon she is going back to school.