Monday 20 March 2017


Well, there are no falling leaves here yet. It has been a hot week. Quite hot for Autumn , no chill in the air at all. Though a cardigan at night is useful. 
We spent the afternoon out. 














Kathy said...

Autumn already???? Our tulips are just a few inches above ground It snowed he other day and today it is in the 50s. I can't wait for warmer weather even though we had a mild winter. Sometimes spring never seems to get full blast before it turns to hot summer weather. This year we have a lot of yard work replacing quite a few trees and all the mulch, that blew away a couple weeks ago. We may even need a new roof since it has hit the length of the warranty now. Spring always means work even though it is my favorite time of year.
Do you ever get snow? Or are your winters just a cooler type of dormant time? This year Florida was beautiful all winter because they never got any hard frosts to kill some flowers.
The drapery store looks interesting. I love to look in home decorating stores. There are not too many specialty stores anymore. It seems mostly big chains are the thing here and they all have the same products.
Thank you for the little tour. I look forward to more.

Running on empty said...

After the danger of bushfires is past I will get in a load of pinebark mulch. It is supposed to be a dry Autumn this year so it will hopefully keep the moisture in the ground and keep the weeds to a dull roar.

We do not get snow in our town. They often do in the ranges nearby. We are in a temperate zone here. Deciduous plants go into dormancy, but it rarely goes below 0 deg centigrade. We do get frosts.

The drapery is for sale if you want to buy it, lol.

Kathy said...

Lol....the Drapery store is a little out of my "range" pun intended....I am sad to hear another small store bites the dust..

Fizzfan said...

Well Spring has sprung here and today is very sunny and quite warm. It's my favourite season, with flowers popping out of the landscape to say hello, which always makes me happy after a winter of just greenery.
It's still too early to plant annual flowers but hubby is power washing the patio and it will be no time at all before he embarks on his yearly chore of washing our roof!
I think he's insane but we're surrounded by trees and it gets a bit mossy.
He has just asked me if I'd like to help him repaint our fence and I've huffily declined as its Mothers Day! Apart from which I have no idea how he intends to paint in between all the plants growing up and on it?
Will be interesting to see how it pans out........

Running on empty said...

You're lucky your hubby likes doing maintenance, mine won't.

I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day, ours is not until May. I hope you got something nice.

Fizzfan said...

Harv got me flowers n chocs. Very nice.
It was such a lovely day I did help hubby transplant some big plants that were outgrowing their pots into our flower beds.

The fence remains unpainted. I think he had second thoughts thankfully.

He did bring up his dread of the imminent roof scrubbing mission, but I pointed out if he embarked it, not to moan, because no one needs to eat of a bl**dy roof!