Monday 27 March 2017


This post has adult themes , music and language. Recommended for ages 16+.

Leggings are an interest of mine. I think they are comfy and warm, but don't leave much to the imagination. Many are not much more modest than a pair of tights. I was telling a couple of friends recently that I was walking along the Main Street behind a woman with grey leggings so opaque, that  I could tell her underpants had a pink and red pattern on them. Others are not see through, but show every nuance, front and back. 

Dormtainment - Leggings Song Lyrics

"rock them in the day,
or wear them at night.
they cutting off your circulation but they looking right.
They showing off your prints,
they showing off your butt,
and I can't even lie, they make me want to (ooh).
Rock them leggings girl, go on rock them leggings.
(them kneecaps sweaty)
Rock them leggings girl, go on rock them leggings.
(booty look heavy)
Rock them leggings girl, go on rock them leggings."

And it gets more explicit from there, but I think it's at least being honest about the man's point of view. Meaning of print, is the imprint of genitals seen through tight garments.

My daughter did dance for years. Because of male parents and teen male siblings of students, waiting in the room for class to finish, I always tried to cover her butt and crotch with a skirt or stretchy shorts. It was fun finding different coverups. If she did occasionally go with leotard only, I got her to cover up on the walk home. The same with a swimming costume. 

Woman exercising, from Pexels.

Why? Well I watch the media, listen to music, and the s@xual focus these days in the Western World  seems to be the butt, alot more than it was in the past. I think this is because of the normalisation process going on re @nal s@x, through the influence of the internet, flowing on then to mainstream media. 

The song illustrates my point. 
Body parts words and explicit word.

I don't want people looking at my daughter in that way. I want them to notice her smile (pre braces, now she smiles with closed lips more), her smarts, and her joie de vivre. She gets annoyed that I insist she wear shorts or a skirt/dress over her leggings.

It works two ways. My kids used to tell me off if I wore my stretch  bike pants (close fitting and not padded ), around the streets, when I rode everywhere.  So I started wearing skirts and they all got ruined in the spokes of the bike. ( I couldn't figure out how the actresses in those French Resistance movies did it while carrying a baguette and a contraband radio in their bike basket, and didn't have to stop every few meters to untangle their dress. ) 

Or if I was kneeling gardening and the waist band of my pants slipped down, my kids would say something, especially at school working bees! Higher waist bands being in fashion now make that less of a problem, but we all wear our oldest pants gardening, am I right?

The song that inspired this funny parody, (must see unless you're offended by s@x and the odd bad word), is called Work from Home, and on mainstream media, accessible to young kids.  If you like eye candy, of course watch the original too. I chose it because of the Twerking in the original. This song has something to say about that:

" [Verse 3: Ty Dolla $ign (Vincent Dutye)]
Can someone please tell me
Why I'm on this track with Fifth Harmony
And why are all of their songs about b*ning
It's messed up their fans are young teens
Somebody needs to teach these
Girls how to twerk properly
They look like they are seizuring
Stop that s**t, I am begging you please!
Ooh I am so damn confused
How I'd go from Blasé to
A song with shirtless dudes?
And why do I have this?
Guess I should hit something
[Worker #5]
Why'd you do that?
Now gas is leaking! "

Bart Baker "work from home parody."

I read an article today describing how united airlines allegedly asked two girls to cover their leggings with a dress. It is company policy for employees and their families to have to do it, apparently. I'd like my readers to read the (safe) link and tell me your opinions on modesty of dress. I'd like male opinions as well as female , or trans gender etc persons are also welcome. Be as opinionated as you like and can be anonymous.

NB: Blogger doesn't allow swearing, pedophile language or attacks on other posters , however. Adult content is allowed if preceded by a warning, as per top of this post. Please disguise explicit words and stay on topic. 


Kathy said...

I am sure you have heard the saying "common sense is not common" well that applies to people who wear leggings. Leggings are mere opaque colored hose. Would you wear pantyhose in public without a covering? I doubt it. Exercise wear is popular and it has led women down the road to leggings which are much more revealing because of the fabric and absence of spandex to conceal lumps and bumps.
I find it funny that kids are so critical of what their parents wear but they don't want to be corrected when it it them. I also remember my kids are not going to wear that, are you? I never wore leggings but maybe my pants were the ones I had worn to wor around the house that day, or my shoes weren't the most stylish.
I can understand the airlines making the girls wear a skirt when they are flying as a representative of the airline. Modesty doesn't have to be is a matter of degree.
No I don't think parents should butt out but it is hard to maintain a semblance of modesty in an immodest world. I think the best solution is to point out there are a lot of ways to look nice without wearing tights inappropriately.

Running on empty said...

Lol, Acerules said to me "Yes!"
I said, yes what?
She said, "Yes, parents should butt out!"


Badger said...

O.K so you have bullied me to make a comment, so here it is,, yuuuukkk, I hate them, they are not at all feminine and I think that they look obsean,, now to justify, little kids wear them and that's fine if the are in a dance class, or some form of sport, I don't think it is right for parents to allow kids to do what they want, it is up to the parent to explain the reasons why it could be indecent to show older men their working parts, so putting a little dress to hide the said working parts is not only the right thing to do, it is the DECENT thing to do, now for older women, and that go's for the guys as well, its just plain hideous to see adults in these things walking in public,,, I know they are warm, but where is your self respect and decency allowing men and women, to watch two bunnies in a sack, and if they think it looks good, get someone to film you and show it to you, and from the front,,, well I won't go there, overall there is a place and time for everything and walking the streets in these things is just not acceptable, unless it's on a 20 something gorgeous figure,,,, no no no stop it,,, so that my personal opinion as a man, it doe's nothing for me in fact it doe's the opposite

Running on empty said...

Thanks Badger!

Profound Familiarity said...

An interesting topic.

I don't get disturbed by seeing women wearing revealing outfits in public. If you go to the beach, you can see hundreds of women wearing almost nothing. Some may well be topless. It's a natural part of life.

I enjoy walking down the street and being able to see females walking past me, wearing whatever they want to wear in order to make whatever statements about themselves they feel like making that day. I won't harass the women or pose a threat to them and I will try not to judge them. If my eyes wander, then they're straying no further than biology intended. A beautiful car or a chocolate cookie will also turn my head.

There will be some men who get offended by things like leggings and even low-cut tops and short skirts. In some countries, women must cover their whole bodies. So there's a whole spectrum of opinion out there. I'm not writing this to try to persuade people what to think, or say what the "correct" way of dressing is.

Maybe there are men out there who feel repressed, hold strong religious beliefs, are sexually malnourished or are lacking confidence and it frustrates them to see provocative outfits on girls because it reminds them of what they can't have or have been told is wrong. This is understandable. Society doesn't have one single answer to this question and so if a woman wants universal respect, the best way to get it is probably to dress modestly. This is far from necessary though and depends on her social circle. To some extent a woman who is self-aware, confident and knows what she wants *will*, not 'should', WILL feel comfortable dressing however she wants and to some extent will think 'to hell with what other people think'.

If the girl is very young or there are concerns about her safety, particularly if one is a parent, it might be appropriate to intervene and have a discussion about the way she dresses.

Running on empty said...

Thanks , Dan!

Fizzfan said...

Well this is a subject that arose at work only last week. A very large 30 something year old seems to have become very attached to wearing black leggings. She's so large they are stretched to breaking point and show off her pale coloured knickers. A manager asked one of her best friends (who works in our team) to try to have a word with her about it. Oh lord, how on earth do you do that without risking your friendship?! She tried the approach of bringing up an intended shopping trip that SHE was going on to buy some new leggings as hers were wearing a bit thin and she didn't want to be walking around showing the world what colour underwear she had on.......pretty clever's had no effect. It's obviously now got to a point where there's quite a lot of giggling having to be stifled every time she 'sashays' down the office. I think that's the point really, if you take it upon yourself to advertise your booty in neon lights, you are setting yourself up to be judged and if you're not pretty perfect, it's often going to be quite harsh.
Back in the 80s I well remember a young girl who used to wear tops that showed off her very ample bosom. It made everyone very uncomfortable so the male manager just told her she had to cover up. Job done.
These days it's so difficult to be objective about dress without people getting upset, but there is a line, especially at work, that certain standards should be adhered to.
I also recall a story a former boyfriend told me once about a 'vision' he saw on a nudist beach in Greece. It wasn't that of a naked girl, it was in fact a fully clothed one in a long flowing dress. He was totally captivated by the fact that she was covered up on a beach full of nakedness!
Personally I don't care what people wear, but I do wonder about their eyesight sometimes and what it is they see staring back at them when they look in a mirror. Some seem to make the fatal error of thinking that flesh = sexy. Apart from it being very dependent on the state of that flesh, I also think leaving nothing to the imagination is - well - a bit unimaginative.

Brits call it the Chavvy look. Basically a bit tasteless.