Wednesday 29 March 2017


The tragedy of 9/11 is still raw in many people's hearts and minds. Fizzfan, a regular blog reader, from Britain, has written this guest post regarding alternative theories as to who was to blame and how it was accomplished. 


From telling someone their 'Bum doesn't look big in that', to saying 'Well done' while you're secretly thinking 'Well that's a bit rubbish', how reliant are we on dishonesty, or perhaps should I say, not being entirely honest?
Probably rather a lot, but is that such a bad thing? Surely these little white lies just oil the cogs of life and makes it far more pleasant for all concerned. We all deceive a little and we all know we in turn are deceived a little too. Nothing wrong in that........

However, when it comes to much larger deceptions, how many of us continue this mode of conduct for fear of facing a truth that would have unnerving effects on our lives.......
So here's a very good example:-
Yesterday I came across a fact that I knew one colleague would be interested in, so I emailed it to him. Another colleague became interested and read it too. 
Her reaction however was "Why are you interested in stuff like that?" and when I explained, her very quick conclusion was "Oh god, I'd rather not know thanks".
This is the picture in question: 


So is my colleagues reaction of dismissive disinterest, typical of a large proportion of people if reality threatens to upset their security and indeed even troubles them to 'think' at all?

I have often wondered if 9/11 is in fact the greatest and most successful deception of all time simply because the consequences of it being unravelled are just too enormous and therefore better left to what some might deem, wild speculation?

It's clear that the evidence to support further investigation is VAST, very well documented and supported by thousands of extremely well qualified professionals, such as architects, demolition experts and scientists. 
On top of this there is real time footage and commentary from the firemen and survivors that back up this mountain of evidence and seems to strongly suggest that the towers could only have fallen in the way they did because they were precision wired with very high grade military explosives. Indeed proof of that was found in many of the dust samples.
Even if I couldn't be convinced by that, when slowed down footage of the collapses is scrutinised, it's mystifying how anyone could believe anything else, or at the very least, wonder if their claims have merit. 
Why was the metal from the debris taken away and shipped to China to be melted down before proper forensic studies could be done? It was an enormous crime scene and the most important evidence was disposed of.
Why was there was no jet fuel in the soil samples around the crater left by the 'plane', not to mention the almost complete lack of plane debris both here and at all the other crash sites.


How did a complete novice fly that plane in such a difficult manoeuvre with such pinpoint accuracy at speeds that ace pilots stated they themselves would have found nigh on impossible to control in order to hit that particular part of the building almost at ground level? And why? It would have been so much easier to just smash into the top of it not to mention far more damaging. As one ace pilot went on record as saying, "it would be like asking someone who could carve a turkey to make the leap to perform open heart surgery".
Why is there no clear CCTV film of the 'plane' smashing into the Pentagon? Why was all the footage from all the cameras in the whole area confiscated leaving only one that was seen fit to release to the public which was completely inconclusive as to what it actually was?

TRADE CENTRE 7? (probably the best or worst smoking gun of all.....)
HOW DID TOWER 7, a 47 STOREY BUILDING, COME DOWN AT FREE FALL SPEED @ 5.30pmthat day when all it had were a few low grade fires? 

There is a litany of other circumstantial evidence such as mysterious money trails on Wall Street. The rather curious failure of the best defence systems in the world going into total meltdown. The convenience of the military training missions that allegedly cobbled the responses to the attacks. 
(Interestingly, switching to Britain briefly, Peter Power, head of a private security firm used by the British Government, was running an exercise almost perfectly simulating the 7/7 attacks in Britain on the 7/7! and wait for it, AT THE SAME STATIONS! There is also disquiet from some survivors, as they thought the bombs came from beneath the trains rather than from within?.......)

Getting back to 9/11.....the NIST report conducted by the Government totally ignoring witness accounts of bombs going off before the planes hit and before the buildings fell and the manufacturing of an explanation based on a computer collapse that has been universally ridiculed by experts. 'Building' work taking place on unoccupied floors of the towers for weeks before the attacks, along with an unprecedented security black out of electrical systems, security cameras and door locking systems for 3 days over the weekend preceding the attacks. 

The official white paper stating that a new Pearl Harbour was needed to mobilise the publics support for going to war. The passport of the terrorist floating unscathed to the ground around the towers to be conveniently discovered soon after! PLEASE!!! And yet no black box? The FBI still not having any hard evidence that Osama Bin Laden was connected to the plots 5 years later, sorry, what was that?! Bush's family having very strong links to the the security company that operated at the Towers. Silverstein actually saying on record that Building 7 was 'pulled' (really? well how'd anyone have the time to rig the explosives in a few hours, impossible, so they were clearly already in place ready to be detonated is the only conclusion even remotely plausible, blah, blah, blah........
It's all out there on the internet, some of it fascinating, some of it too weird for me to take seriously, but among it all there's just too much smoke for this particular fire to ever really go out.

I'm in no doubt that a cover up is essential from a governmental viewpoint, but have less understanding when it comes to people being either very opposed to further investigation or indeed being completely disinterested. 
Is it something called Cognitive Dissonance where an idea is so at odds with our fundamental belief structures that it is just too painful or difficult to comprehend, so we prefer to pour scorn on these alien notions rather than listen to information that might threaten our perceived security. 
How much do we really know about our Governments decisions and the reasons behind them? If they're Top Secret, that will be NOTHING. Ever. Or at least not until enough time has passed to make the knowledge useless in any real sense.

And getting back to Philip Marshall who allegedly murdered his children and dog and then took his own life, well, he's one is several prominent activists hell bent on exposing 9/11 that are sadly no longer with us.
One of the first was called Bill Cooper a radio broadcaster, who actually went on record and predicted 9/11 a couple of months before it happened, also stating it would be blamed on Osama Bin Laden.
He was gunned down outside his home in a 'police misunderstanding' on the 6th November 2001.

We lap up Hollywood movies about governmental skullduggery all the time, so why do we have such a problem in considering it in real life? Perhaps it's because by the time the misgivings started to emerge we'd already given the thumbs up to an horrific war. We don't like being wrong and we like it even less when our own countries rhetoric has possibly royally duped us into believing them and then in some way we feel culpable too.

I have to admit that I'm a natural sceptic anyway, so tend to question just about everything, but the more I've discovered about that day, the more convinced I've become that we may very well have just been fantastically deceived. 
Sadly I am also convinced that the world will never come to know anything else other than the official version because the aftermath of exposure would be more problematic than continuing to turn a blind eye, and let's be very honest here, who the hell would really make an independent investigation happen anyway?

Is deception so inextricably woven into the fabric of our lives and our need to protect our particular view of the world so strong, that those in power can weave just about any picture they like, particularly if the media is so willing to support them too?



Could just be, the more fantastic the illusion, the more likely they are to get away with it.

By Fizzfan

Editor note: Any comments , ask the author in the comments section. Sentiments expressed are those of the author, the editor wouldnt have a clue.


Profound Familiarity said...

If Phillip Marshall was psychologically unhealthy, it might explain why he a) became fixated with a conspiracy theory and b) killed himself and his family, as both are examples of behaviour to which an individual is more prone if he/she has a mental illness.

It's interesting that some witnesses couldn't identify aircraft wreckage at the crash site of flight 93.

I hadn't heard about the tower 7 conspiracy before. It does sound a bit dodgy that it collapsed due to fire alone.

Fizzfan said...

You're certainly not alone in not knowing about Building 7. It's astonishing how quiet that little nugget has been kept. It's a good point to start from because it's SO IMPOSSIBLE to believe anything other than it was blown once you've seen the footage, it will throw all other knowledge into disarray. In fact I've seen and heard numerous real time videos of fireman around the building saying it's about to blow and to move back. They knew in advance because they'd clearly been told.
There are many videos on you tube about everything to do with 9 11. Some rubbish but some extremely thought provoking and made by world renowned experts in science and demolition. Also I forgot to mention the explosive material found in the dust particles was nano thermite. It's extremely rare and the chances of Saudi terrorists getting there hands on it would be remote to say the least let alone have the opportunity to wander around the buildings to wire it up.
It's also the only reason that molten steel was running beneath the debris pile of all the buildings. It generates so much heat it continues to burn under water. Molten steel could not be produced by the temperatures generated by those in the buildings had the collapses been due to the jets and subsequent office fires alone. I believe it would have to have been around 1000 degrees hotter.
Probably why it took until December to put the fires out.

Philip Marshall I believe has published several books on 9 11 and the one he was working on was connected to an airfield that was possibly used to rig the planes with remote control flying equipment. However far fetched it sounds, it's no more ridiculous than all those novices flying jumbo jets so insanely successfully that day.
He could have been unhinged to the point of murdering his children, but it's just another piece of an ever growing jigsaw puzzle that just gets stranger with every piece you happen across.

Kathy said...

I did read there were parts of the plane but very small and very scattered due to it blowing up,in the air. Some of the stories about that are not correct. There are so many conspiracy theories about 9-11. I really don't know what to believe. I doubt we know the truth. I don't know if they think they are protecting the people or if they are really protecting the US officials. They have a habit of rewriting history to cover themselves. I think most people have their own theory and different ones at that but after a while you just have to get on with life since we don't really have control.

Fizzfan said...

I agree about the control thing Kathy.
I think it’s things like 9 11 that have made me realise just how little we do have because however much evidence there is that completely contradicts or rubbishes the official version, I know nothing will ever be done.
It’s also made me very aware how much the media help to both mould and limit the information we receive. I’ve seen prominent celebrity chat show hosts and news anchors ridiculing and shouting down people that raise questions in a way that’s reminiscent of gladiatorial arenas.

I’m amazed the internet has thus far been largely left alone and without it, I would still be very content with the story aired on the day.

Because I also know that Governments do create false flag operations (Operation Northwood is scarily similar in many ways to what happened) I have no problem in entertaining the notion that 9 11 could well have been one too.

Seems to me that wars can be very lucrative if you hold a lot of the aces and we are never party to that kind of decision making.