Tuesday 21 March 2017

VENETIAN party -deposit paid

Today my daughter and I attended a meeting at a function venue to plan and book her sweet 16 party, for next year. It will be a masked dance with a Venetian baroque look. I've been collecting Venetian baroque looking things from thrift shops and the like.  Today we discussed what Italian foods teens might like to eat. We discussed something I like to eat, which is tiramisu. We talked vegan, vegetarian, nut free. We looked at where the DJ would be. We talked ballpark costs. We got a tour. I paid a deposit. 


I think I will need to save more than six hunnit and fiddy dollars. We won't be eating out much, unless we have a free voucher. 


Original photos below, sourced from Pexels.com


We will be making things and doing things for this party. I will keep you informed from time to time.


My kid's parties are the reason I can't afford to journey to Venice.

 I wonder if there are people in Venice who long to travel to South Gippsland Victoria, Australia? Perhaps they have parties with pavlova, and wear Akubra hats, with didgeridoo music and Waltzing Matilda playing. There is a large fireplace in the function rooms, with a gold mirror over it. Maybe those Venetians can step out of it, and we can cross to Venice through there too. 


Well, potentially, anything can happen at a party..... stay tuned!


Fizzfan said...

OMG I LOVE THE IDEA OF A MASKED BALL! In fact any fancy dress is a blast.
It reminds me of parties I used to throw in my twenties when I lived in a big run down rented flat. They ranged from Pyjama to Caribbean, but my favourite was a Stone Age one when everyone dressed up in sheepskin rugs and Loin cloths. It was an absolute riot.
There's something magical about youth and friends and having no concept of property ownership or the care of it! Some of the best times of my life in some ways before responsibility kicked in. :(

Running on empty said...

For sure.
The theme for my 21 st birthday was an actor or character in a movie. I was Princess Leia. I made my costume. A whole bunch of my university college group came as Ghandi. They came in one at a time, so I was surprised each time another one walked in. Then I waited for the last one to arrive... she came as Dorothy from the Wiz of Oz, complete with toy dog in basket, it was funny because she wasn't Ghandi! They all sat around one table, all these Ghandis in white loincloths and nude head and body suits, lollol.

Running on empty said...

I thought I was spelling it wrongly! It's Gandhi.