Sunday 26 March 2017

VENETIAN PARTY 2 - to bring list


Im continuing posts about the 16th birthday Venetian baroque masquerade theme party coming up early next year. 

This theme was chosen partly because we already had alot of the "props" for it, and others could be procured cheaply from thrift and secondhand stores. Our area doesn't have much in the way of party props hire, we are four hours from the city. 

The venue have agreed to take down their artworks which don't fit the theme on the occasion, so we can put our olde worlde ones up. They have antiques in one room already, we have others for the other rooms.

I think we will need a trailer for transport!

 I find making lists helps me. One of my to- do lists I've been working on:

Take to 16 th party from home:


Two carved wooden flower stands (on layby)

From dining room,  4 Velvet carved dining chairs plus little carved dining chair (needs upholstering). SCOTCHGUARD

(For bar area)

4 cream wood provincial style chairs from dining (for dance area), burgundy and gold chair Cushions from linen cupboard

Carved gold velvet grandfather armchair from guest room

Carved red velvet grandmother armchair from daughter's room

Carved brown velvet grandfather armchair from living area, scotchguard all above

Chest brown coffee table from loungeroom. (All for sitting room at venue.)

Carved side bedside table from daughter's room. 

Carved chest from daughter's room (long cushion from shed), 

Silver colour large compartmented photo frame from daughter's room, use for photos of her growing up,

Narrow wooden DVD side cabinet from next to piano in the loungeroom, (emptyout), stand flowers on,

Small rosewood colour console table (with drawers) from dining room

Daughter's Semi -circular wooden console tables from storage unit x 2, 

Daughter's harp console table from storage unit. 

Set 6 daughter's good reproduction wood and cream velvet dining chairs from Storage unit SCOTCHGUARD , (use in sitting area)

2 large pewter punchbowls, and smaller pewter serving dishes + I glass punchbowl

Ladles (3)

From daughter's stash:

Vintage Silver epns tankards and goblets 

Vintage Silver epns table candelabras 

Vintage Silver epns cutlery 

Vintage Silver epns trays and dishes 

Other vintage epns silverware 

Daughter's Pink basin and ewer set, use for punch

Other ceramic stuff from her stash


From our stuff:


Pewter tankards, goblets and jugs from dining room

Pottery goblets and jugs

Vases (large ones deliver to florist the week before)

Vases (narrow and small ones to pack and arrange there.)


Curly iron floor music stand , (for signage) .from dining room, use at entrance, 

Plain iron table music/recipe stand for signage, from dining room, use on bar

Commander hooks from bathroom cupboard

Pair iron triple branched floor candelabras from diningroom, plus non matching one. 

Single iron large heavy candlestick from next to piano

I branched black iron candelabra from kitchen bench

2 v large carved gold candlesticks from daughter's room

Silver ornaments, mirrors and candlesticks from daughter's room, and a few of her ornamental boxes, 

Carved silver square mirror from daughter's room. 

Four sided gold gothic candleholder from loungeroom.

Green bronze candlestick from loungeroom

Pewter double, and single candlesticks from dining room. 

Set of ? 8 or so function table iron candelabras , need to wrap in gold ribbon, (deliver to florist the day before)

Brass candlesticks

Cream candlestick from bathroom

Crystal candelabras from bedroom, well wrapped

Wall candelabras from our hallway (3) and from bathroom, (2) -spray paint gold or black


A few board games incl chess

Playing cards, multi sets

Teen magazines, word find books, 

Stereo player and CDs for when dj isn't playing

Porcelain Blue lady playing harpsichord music box from dining room. (Maybe if somewhere safe to put her, perhaps on mantelpiece behind the buffet?)

Square framed vintage picture of Mozart type music session from near piano. 

Framed Tapestry of blonde baroque lady from outside laundry,

Framed Tapestry of olde worlde women from daughter's room, and small floral tapestry from there,

Oil Painting of pink flowers from daughter's room, (where has that gone to? Maybe not unpacked box from last move?)

Tapestries of women on swings and hanging rods, pair (find the second one, maybe in a box somewhere),

Other tapestries: framed floral, check the collection for suitable, 

Paintings from daughter's room of horses, and one of castle with girl, also wooden relief plaque of horse, and one of St Mary. Large silver painted curly wall cross from her room. Small silver framed pictures from there. 

Framed formal photo of daughter as a preschooler in satin silver embroidered burgundy dress, from loungeroom, maybe hang above the birthday cake, currently found in our loungeroom.

Vintage fire bellows from diningroom

Painting of church doorway from dining room.

Gold framed tapestry of boats on a bay, from loungeroom, 

Blue framed tapestry of boats in a bay, from loungeroom.

Framed Sea shore tapestry from near back door.

"Copper" wall plaque of Charles 1st type men from loungeroom,

Tile wall plaque of Charles 1st type man from loungeroom,

Bronze , gold and pewter embossed wall plates from loungeroom, not copper,

Angel wall plaque from bathroom, spray gold,

Cream ceramic Holy family wall plaque, clean it,

Vintage set of little prints of olden days ladies, from my room.

Tablecloths placemats and napkins that are cream, gold, black or hot pink. 

Cushions that are cream, gold, or hot/med pink

Check our regular costume collection for what we have already to adapt, esp cloaks, and Pakistani men's vests to use  in men's costumes,

Check hubby's boots collection for any non steel caps.


From our backyard:


2 aluminium (black ) chairs gothic style , and small round table , small tables, newly painted black (to go in dance area)

Bronze/brass plant pots,(clean).

Large brass round embossed plaque, (clean).

iron bar stools

 Iron bakers stands, for pot plants, All newly repainted black.  . 

 Outside candle lanterns, iron, traditional, clean and spray black if needed

Hot pink geraniums in pots (get plastic urns, spray grey to look like stone) to go around DJ stage

From 16 th party stash, already collected from thrift shops, ebay etc, for the party:


2 Gold baroque mirrors, sm-med size,

Baroque style ornaments, fancy small dishes,

Pink and cream porcelain carriage and figures ornament, for cake table, (daughter to keep )

Vases (deliver larger ones to florist in advance), some need spray painting,

Stemmed Serving dishes for fruit displays, candelabras, 

Gold and cream damask tablecloths and heavy table covers/woven bedspreads, 


Costumes, (bits of), incl plastic "weapons" for boys,

Faux spider webs, 

Glow in the dark mini cherubs for dance area (string on ribbons or cotton?)

Party favours,


Masks (to be decorated),

Paper Decorations (flag bunting), birthday banners and disposable party ware, 

Baroque style Photo frames with Venetian scenes,  portraits and floral (download from library computer printer),

Faux flowers , feathers and vines 


Matches for cake

Cake knife or use from function venue

Cameras and batteries

iPad (in my bag)


To buy


Large cushions(two) for two outdoor gothic chairs

New adhesive pads for commander hooks

S hooks and chains

Blue tack

 battery candles

Lotsa Fruit incl grapes,  (to arrange). 

Clear PVC type plastic for top of antique tables

Bunches of flowers (to arrange there in collection of small narrow vases and little "shoe" vases for dining tables (already have). )

Gold and silver doileys
Hula hoops for flower chandeliers
Black, silver and gold spray paint
Second hand lace curtains to make chair sashes 
Lace and doileys to make men's neck ties
Brown and black pvc plastic to make boot covers for men's shoes, 
Men's belts from thrift stores for blunderbusters and swords, 
Faux suede etc and shoelaces/cord to make ladies underbreast corsets, thick needles, sewing threads,
More vests, long skirts, petticoats, off shoulder blouses and long dresses from secondhand thrift shops, for some without costumes, 
More hand fans, from ebay
Clear medical tubing and wire for faux "Venetian Murano" chandelier, plus curvy plastic bottles (4), 
Curvy plastic bottles (save) and styrofoam boxes to cut for faux balustrade around dj stage, 
Pool noodles and pizza boxes for faux columns, as above, 
Light brown  spray paint, 
Clear drying glue, 
Big gold and silver fancy buttons from thrift shops.
Black hair ribbon for men
More pirate hats, remove skull logo

After every party cleanup I need to sleep for about a week! 


Kathy said...

Perhaps a moving van?????

Running on empty said...

We will certainly need to do more than one trip!

Fizzfan said...

I'm not sure how to convey a boggled brain without a picture!

What will you be doing for the 18th birthday celebration?! You may have to start planning quite soon ;)

Running on empty said...

In our family we don't have an 18 th, this is the big one until the 21 st. The game changer was legislation a few years ago making the parent hosts criminally responsible if an 17 yo drinks alcohol at an 18 th, or underage drinking at any party. The beauty of a 16 th, is we just say strictly no alcohol.
For those who don't know, in Australia drinking alcohol isn't allowed by law under 18 yo.