Thursday 6 April 2017


Remember the fun times? It seems almost too painful sometimes, the ones that are gone. But man, we were good. 

Fun times can come again. We are the same people. The fun is within you, at any age, with almost anyone. Be Teflon. 


Fizzfan said...

Hey, it's nice to be reminded of being young and just living in the moment. I do sometimes muse about that. It was just about friends and partying really. The 'world' and the state it was in was of no interest to me and looking back, yes, it was kind of amazing in that respect. Definitely less stressful.

I saw my sister a couple of days ago and she said she never reads papers or watches the news and doesn't even know who our Prime Minister is! She doesn't want to know because as she said, it serves no purpose as it doesn't make her happier, so why do it. Also, because there's nothing you can do about any of it, it's pointless.

I couldn't argue with her logic and do keep it to a minimum, but big events just filter through and sometimes grab my interest. On reflection though, following her logic, don't know why, because it definitely doesn't make me feel any better!

Be nice if we had GOOD NEWS ONLY broadcasts every day would it.

Running on empty said...

When I used to test people's cognitive functions, one of the questions was "who is the current Prime Minister. "

Fizzfan said...

Her cognitive functions are primarily, making money (she's very successful at that), working, cleaning a lot very meticulously, judging everyone very loudly, caring for an alcoholic yet still functioning husband and financially supporting 2 grown up and left home children and their respective offspring and all the odd jobs that goes with that too.

Somewhere in her logic may just be complete disinterest in anyone else coupled with very little free time!:)
Some would call her a bit of a control freak and I'd happily agree with them.

All seems like a lot of work to me!

Running on empty said...

Sounds like she has had to step up to the plate for her family, somebody had to.