Tuesday 25 April 2017



To Sleep, perchance to Grind one's Teeth

Old warriors. Even older wars. 

"Have an Anzac bickie."

"Is it crunchy or soft?"

"Dunk it in your tea."

"Those young guys 

at Gallipoli,

They had to dunk their 

hard, hard tack bickies, *

but they did have tea."

"The young vets **

returning now, 

how can they sleep

if they drink tea?

Can they sleep?"

"I heard they grind their teeth

when they do sleep."

Remembering also

those that sleep

and sleep.

Copyright: Running on Empty


*biscuits, cookies

** military veterans

safe link to hard tack article

safe link to young returned veteran article


Profound Familiarity said...

Tea. Now there's a good idea.

Running on empty said...

I needed some myself, to finish this and the next post. Lovely stuff, tea. If you can get it, try Nerada Tea, organically grown and processed in Australia, very nice.

Rina said...

The poem is beautiful. So sad. Is it too much to say it echoes Wilfred Owen? I don't think so.

Running on empty said...

It's one of my worst, but the ptsd is important. Someone close to me used to grind their teeth in their sleep from unresolved problems. It's an unpleasant sound.