Saturday 15 April 2017



Rejection is hard. 

So imagine if you're Jesus, walking around, helping people, being a positive, non violent, peace and love kind of a dude. Then your own people reject you. First the people in your own town. Driven out of your own church because of a sermon you gave. Then the official religious bosses decide you're a dangerous inconvenience and have to be removed. Then a friend Judas, literally sells you out, with a kiss on the cheek. 
Lastly, your Best Friend says he doesn't even know you, three times, to save his own skin. 

Peter. Well that really gets you in the gut. You love him.

2.31 mins

Didn't you teach him how to trust you, like walking on water? Was that all a waste of your precious time? 

What to do about Peter? Well, you have to forgive, obviously, you're Jesus, right? You said, forgive seventy times seven. Plus, you said you'd build a church on Peter, and no deviating from that goal. Eye on the ball. 

On you go to be crucified. Push on through to the other side. 



Peter, the "lowly"  fisherman, plain speaker, is forgiven. Jesus doesn't walk away from Peter, he makes him Pope. See God sees things in us that we can't see. 

Before we judge people and refuse to know them, it's worth thinking about that, even if they have rejected us first.


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