Thursday 20 April 2017

EASTER PARADE 2- The Dreamtime

"The Dreamtime " was the theme for this year's festival. 

Dreamtime (also dream timedream-time) is a term devised by early anthropologists to refer to a religio-cultural worldview attributed  to Australian Aboriginal beliefs. .........
 The Dreaming is used to represent many Aboriginal concepts of "time out of time," or "everywhen," when the land was inhabited by ancestral figures, often of heroic proportions or with supernatural abilities. They were often distinct from "gods" as they did not control the material world and were not worshipped, but only revered. " Wikipedia.

Some floats in the parade referenced The Dreaming, also Australian themes. Some aboriginal performers also appeared. 

Crowds were bigger than my photos show, as I walked down to the start of the parade for closer shots.






By this time I had walked down to where there were fewer people to get better shots. The parade was so long, I've cut the parade posts into three parts. 












Volunteer lifeguards are a famous and very necessary Aussie institution around our coasts. Young ones in training are called "nippers". A 12 year old Queensland boy was in the news this week for saving a man twice his build, in the surf. 



The bird featured here is the Australian emu. Many schools around the district are really tiny.



The nursing home turned out to watch.


Below are an Australian Bush Band. They play colonial Aussie folk music, for Bushdances. I used to go to those when I was younger, the good bands would teach the steps to the participants. At my first wedding, we had a bush band called Bushwahzee, they got most of the guests up and dancing. The band below held a bush dance as part of the festival. In the first picture below, the large flag is called the Eureka flag, it was invented for an uprising of gold miners against the government troops at Ballarat in the 19 th century. 













Everyone else was looking up, some were using their phones to take photographs, then there was this person.


The volunteer pooper scoopers!


Stay tuned for the vintage cars post! There were so many they needed a seperate post!

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