Tuesday 18 April 2017



A poem.

Hands crawl slowly tonight 
as I mull and chew.

I don't know what to do , part
restless to hug you.

You're not here, even when you 
are I'm repressed.

I'm wishing you would be real.
No longer impressed

by facades . Small ,scared ,wonderful,
please just be real.

Just be honest as a walrus,
I don't need a seal.

Copyright : Running on Empty 15.4. 2017



Fizzfan said...

We all hide behind facades at least some of the time to some degree. I wear makeup to work every day and try to dress well. That's the person my colleagues 'see'. If you think about it, just wearing clothes is a facade, so I'm a bit of a fan (it's a bit chilly in Britain, and the majority of people look better clothed anyway) Even tribal people with no outside influences still adorn themselves with markings to enhance their appearance.
At home I don't wear makeup and I'm a slob. It's one of the little joys of my life on my days off that I can 'drop the facade', mostly because I'm lazy and transforming myself from a 'walrus into a seal' takes time and energy!
So what about mental facades? Kind of the same I suppose. People that know me well would definitely describe me differently to someone that had just met me. It's not because I'm dishonest, it's more to do with ingrained politeness.
I love honest people and often find them very funny. One of my favourite colleagues comes from India. I don't know if it's individual to him or a cultural difference but he doesn't seem to have the same 'filters' as us Brits. Good example being when a top manger had to pop out of a meeting once and he just came out and said to everyone "Has she gone for a pooh?" There was a mixed reaction of shock, disdain, and laughter. I was definitely from the laughter camp and he's been cracking me up with his 'inappropriate' honesty ever since.

Running on empty said...

Great points you make, Fizz! At least you know where you stand with honest people!