Thursday 18 May 2017

MELBOURNE BOUND 1a - St Augustines Church

Awhile ago, Acerules and I journeyed to Melbourne for a professional appointment. There was about 12 hours travel, on coaches, trains, and tram. There were periods waiting for transport, where we wandered a little way, here are some of the resultant photos, all are copyright Acerules. 

St Augustine's Church in Bourke street,  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.















Organ bay: 










I had a vague memory of a scandal associated with this church I'd never been in before . I looked it up and there was a priest accused of sexual conduct. 
So very sad if it is true, he went overseas and I don't know where the case stands now. When we were there it was business as usual , with people praying, a spiritual centre in the heart of the city.


All photos copyright Acerules.

The next post (Melbourne 1b) is about more of that day. 


Profound Familiarity said...

St Augustine's looks amazing. It almost looks too pristine to be a church, as Jesus was more of a humble sorta fella. That said, the church has a very wide range of buildings in its collection and I suppose God loves variety.

Running on empty said...

Photos don't show just how cute and jewel box like it is. You no longer hear the traffic, and anyone is welcome.

I'd advise anyone to read the story of St Augustine and his mother. A story of redemption.

KEthical Politics said...

I like the idea of a respite in the middle of a city....looks so quaint...

Running on empty said...

We must fight to keep heritage buildings of significance in our world cities and towns. To know where we are going, we have to know where we have been.