Sunday 21 May 2017


What the hell is going on in the USA when Aussies get strip searched, jailed, and sent straight home on a tourist visa, for writing in a diary they had farewell drinks at work? Where is the close relationship we have always had between our two countries? A case of throwing the baby out with the bath water, I think!

I am referring to the case of Molly Hill, see links.



Profound Familiarity said...

Do you think every English-speaking country thinks it has a special relationship with the US?

KEthical Politics said...

It was sad to read this....I hope this doesn't become more common to be treated this way. Then look at what airlines are doing to would sure turn someone off from traveling, especially alone. I wonder if that makes them more a target for customs officials?

Running on empty said...

Dan, I think alot of them did until this year. People in your country don't want Trump visiting your parliament, and meeting the Queen, where does that stand currently?

That's a good question, Kathy, certainly some sadistic personality officials might not like witnesses on the side of the traveller.

Fizzfan said...

Even if they suspected her of not returning, I have no idea what this achieved?
“I was told to stand completely naked, they went through my hair, I showed them the soles of my feet and my mouth and then they asked me to squat and cough.
“It was extremely violating. It happened within five minutes of arriving, I was struggling to understand what was happening to me"

I can understand they may have had initial concerns but the way it was handled was appalling.

Not sure any country should have special treatment because that's a gateway to abusing a system. The system however clearly needs a complete overhaul. Disgusting.