Saturday 20 May 2017


Today's guest post is written by Fizzfan, who has been setting foot outside Britain, to exotic Turkey. She has also provided the photos for our enjoyment.

Hiya ,

Just sending a little blog about my travels.
I'll send it in two parts due to the number of photos....

What a revelation this country is!
Expected it to be a bit desolate and desert like but it's actually very green, mountainous and beautifully scenic.
We stayed near Marmaris in a little resort called Icmeler and the beach was just gorgeous, surrounded by pine covered low mountains and the sea dotted with little fishing boats. 



If someone asked me to describe the vibe I'd say it's was a weird mix of Swiss and Caribbean due to the buildings often being like chalets and the scenery having an abundance of palm trees and of course being drenched in sunshine.


The people are also the most friendly and accommodating I've ever met in my life.
Taxi drivers will stop en route if you want a coffee, chefs will happily omit and add anything to any menu, starchy British greetings are instantly overridden by hugs n cheek kisses and walking anywhere without ending up in at least a Good Morning etc to practically everyone you pass is simply not possible because their conversation skills are just phenomenal. Everyone is their 'friend' and although it may be to get you to part with some cash, I never found them too pushy.

The restaurant under our apartment was so amazing we hardly ate anywhere else.