Tuesday 9 May 2017

SIX O'CLOCK I'M GOIN' DOWN Coffee's hot and the toast is brown

Lately, I've found both a terrific song, above, and an Internet story, associating coffee with romance . Now, I have a long romantic history, but despite racking my (lately fuzzy) brain, I can't remember many particular coffees associated with past lovers. 

There was one man that was into Moccona brand, he kept it under his wooden kitchen windowsill overlooking his back garden, where he grew vegetables in a slightly raised bed and hung out his daily washing. He knew the background and country of origin of every coffee variety. I often miss him. 

 He stopped my habit of eating toast with butter, sugar and cinnamon, and I lost weight under his tutelage. I also blossomed creatively, in my poetry, photography, painting and music, though the music had been going well for a while, the poetry had been in a lull. I think some people just bring out the inner creative in us. Some others kill it stone dead. Or maybe toast with butter, sugar, and cinnamon was the fire blanket. More likely, though, a substitute for love.

 I do not drink Moccona, as it makes my heart race too much, but if I did, I would raise a cup to him. 


"The bloom of the cut rose
leaks into the water glass.
She fixes breakfast.
I sit thereabouts waiting.
I trouble my coffee with a spoon.
Her slippers scuff softly on the floor."

Excerpt of poem by Paul S Eifert, full poem in link at the bottom of this post.

Campbell lane

Through the window, curtain rain
Long night gone, yellow day
Speed shivers melt away

Six o'clock I'm goin' down
Coffee's hot and the toast is brown
Hey street sweeper, clear my way
Sweethearts breakfast is the best in town
Oh-oh, Breakfast at Sweethearts  

Hey, Anne-Maria
It's always good to see her
She don't smile or flirt
She just wears that mini-skirt
Drunks come in
Paper bag, Brandivino
Dreams fly away
As she pulls another cappuccino"

Excerpt from Cold Chisel's "Breakfast at Sweetheart's."


My current hubby likes his cafelatte in a mug. For work, ordinary mugs are not big enough, he's happy when we give him an extra big one for a present. He likes gourmet coffees, but has given them up to pay for our children's things over the years. Parenting, huh. 

Johnny Cash was asked his definition of paradise, this artwork of his answer is available on etsy, link at bottom of page


I have a friend who wanted to start a coffee shop called Whitecupcafé. I wish she would take the plunge, as I bet it would be successful, knowing her. How often are we held back by our own doubts when our friends can see our capabilities? Fear is the work of the devil.

These days I drink decaffeinated skinny milk coffee. Yesterday I stopped in at Claudio's to have one, he made it with intent care, as he does all his coffees, as he's very serious about the subject. The conversation among the patrons and him there was fun, as it usually is, as the place is so small, it encourages social interaction. I got him to choose a couple of photolab filters for a photo I took of him, here's one that brought merriment:


Copyright running on empty .

A far cry from the circumstances of these coffee drinkers

safe link to story

I really like this poem

link to coffee poem

Where to get the Etsy artwork

Johnny cash coffee quote artwork on etsy


Profound Familiarity said...

Claudio's is small isn't it? I wonder if a lot of people get takeaway (or else how does he make money?)

Running on empty said...

That shows a bit under half the inside seating, plus there are outside tables. Some get takeaway coffees yes. He does meals too, very nice homemade food.

Running on empty said...

Oh, and sells antiques too.

Kathy said...

Claudio's looks like a great place to socialize....we have a lot of coffee shops now since Starbucks has become popular and Nespresso....then a lot of off shoots in the smaller towns...makes it a nice place to gather or meet. Some of the coffee shops near here are the most crowded places...
If that is Claudio he looks like he has a great sense of humor....needed when serving the public....

Running on empty said...

He does, but he was a bit surprised at how the photo came out!!