Thursday 18 May 2017


Last week, Acerules and I had to do a lot of travelling in one day, for a professional appointment in Melbourne. Here are some photos from that day. Total amount of travel was about 12 hrs, on coaches, trains , taxi and tram. 

Eastland Shopping Centre (mall) was nearby to our destination's train station, the ceiling:




The Ladies toilets






Famous Melbourne department store chain, Myer:


Back in the city again, at the Victorian Arts Centre, one of the performing arts buildings


Leather walls




I had a play on the foyer piano, the sheet music on the top was all Beethoven.



Showing the burnished front counter, and carpet in the foyer:





I was interested in the Wig Wam shape of these chairs in a hotel in Spencer street:


A bar/cafe with an interesting display, also in Spencer st:


Plastic platypus in the foreground, an Australian animal:


And then we ran to catch the last coach home! 


Profound Familiarity said...

Cath why're you taking photos of toilets now? :)
The hotel looks very smart though and it's always great to see public pianos!

Running on empty said...

I thought the toilets were pretty flash for a shopping centre. Indeed that whole wing was flash, containing some big brand stores with prices to match. I'd say it cost a pretty penny to build. It was nice to hang out there while waiting for our train.

KEthical Politics said...

I loved all the looks like a great new mall....I also loved the toilets with the full length doors.
What along day traveling. At least you had a little fun break.

Running on empty said...

Shopping centre owners are still investing in upgrades, extensions, etc, but I wonder if they can compete with online shopping.