Tuesday 7 February 2017


Everyone in the district knows you can get a good feed at the Alberton. Tonight there was a birthday party going on too. 


Victoria Hotel Alberton Victoria Australia
53 Turnbull st
Alberton Vic













Running on empty said...

The proprietor told me that the room with the pool table is soon to be renovated. I noticed the ladies room seems to have been recently done up too.

Today we went to a family member's funeral. It was a long, sad and tiring day, so nice to relax over a filling pub meal. When you go to eat in our district, you get a big meal put in front of you, no tiny bites of nouvelle cuisine.

I'm still dieting, so I cut the fat off my pork chops, which were very tender.

Kathy said...

That is a lot of food..may I ask what are flathead tails?

Running on empty said...

Flathead is a type of fish here. We have good fish in our area as close to the coast. So many locals go fishing for recreation, too.

My father had flake, which he said was much better than the fish available in Melbourne. Flake is a word for shark.

Kathy said...

I was looking at pictures of Morwell National Park near you and the mountains look very much like the ones in Tennessee where we have a place. It seems like it is such a small world sometimes when a far away place looks so familiar.

Running on empty said...

We do have the mountains, and the sea, the fields, and the shops to poke around in. Lots to do for a tourist.