Friday 17 February 2017


How to Handshake Basics

    Palm Vertical to the ground and extending your arm forward as though you were sawing wood with a hand saw. It sends a message of greetings, I am here for you as you for me. We are equals.
    Better Tilt your hand slightly so that your palm is pointing to the sky. This subtle body language message is humility and that you are there to help and to serve.
    Palm Up I am here to serve you. It can also indicate when first offered, submission or take charge.
    Palm Down This is the authoritative position. You are in charge or in authority. You are there to take the lead, to take care of things, to get the job done. However it can also indicate a controlling personality.
    Hand in Hand Typically your greeter will offer a hand palm up and before shaking starts the second hand sandwiches yours. Sometimes given to show empathy as with the loss of a loved one.
    It is also given when wanting to demonstrate concern or to convey that you’re with a caring individual. It seems to be a favorite of politicians.
    It conveys familiarity. Do not use it unless you are close to the individual you do it with, you want to leave a bad impression or you are a 
    politician. "

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I shake hands with my thumb nail pointing to the ceiling, hand on its side, so neither person is dominant. 

So President Trump has been shaking hands. Well, why all the fuss about the long handshake, when that has been done for years for the photographers?

The words "getting the upper hand" never seemed more topical. What is it with men and dominance? The upper, the lower, the length, the breadth, who stands, who sits, who squints into the light, while the other is in shadow. Who built the tallest, most phallic building, who let in the most immigrants. For gosh sake, grow up already. Everyone sit on the floor and sing Kumbaya. "But he grabbed two cushions!" Sigh. 

Did anyone else notice, that the brother of the North Korean leader, who just died, had small hands?



Kathy said...

Abe tells Trump, Please....Look at me....

Fizzfan said...

Yeah the whole dominating handshake thing is definitely male territory, but we all pick up instant signals from people we meet, especially for the first time. Always find it strange, in fact rude, if someone hasn't mastered the art of welcoming a stranger into a group with a smile. In fact someone that smiles a lot and uses warmth and/or humour are without doubt my favourite types of people. If it's a continued natural state, I definitely elevate them to being 'good sorts' and will always make time for them. The opposite types of people has the opposite effect and I usually avoid them like the plague.

Running on empty said...

Yes, a lot of psychological studies have been done on that kind of thing.